Accounting-Using The Legend Provided, Classify Each Of The Following Citations

47. Using the legend provided, classify each of the following citations as to the type of court: LegendT = Applies to the U.S. Tax CourtD = Applies to the U.S. District CourtC = Applies to the U.S. Court of Federal ClaimsA = Applies to the U.S. Circuit Court of AppealsU = Applies to the U.S. Supreme CourtN = Applies to none of the abovea. 388 F.2d 420 (CA–7, 1968).b. 79 T.C. 7 (1982).c. 54 S.Ct. 8 (USSC, 1933).d. 3 B.T.A. 1042 (1926).e. T.C.Memo. 1954–141.f. 597 F.2d 760 (Ct.Cl., 1979).g. Ltr.Rul. 9414051.h. 465 F.Supp. 341 (D.Ct. Okla., 1978).i. Rev.Rul. 99–1.

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