A Closed Cylinder Of 0.25 M Diameter Is Fitted

A closed cylinder of 0. 25 m diameter is fitted with a light frictionless piston. The piston is retained in position by a catch in the cylinder wall and the volume on one side of the piston contains air at a pressure of 750 kN/m2. The volume on the other side of the piston is evacuated. A helical spring is mounted coaxially with the cylinder in this evacuated space to give a force of 120 N on the piston in this position. The catch is released and the piston travels along the cylinder until it comes to rest after a stroke of 1. 2 m. The piston is then held in its position of maximum travel by a ratchet mechanism. The spring force increases linearly with the piston displacement to a final value of 5 kN. Calculate the work done by the compressed air on the piston.

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