A Random Sample Of 48 Students Took An Sat

A random sample of 48 students took an SAT preparation course prior to taking the SAT. The sample mean of their quantitative SAT scores was 560 with a s. d of 80, and the sample mean of their verbal SAT scores was 520 with a s. d of 110a, Construct 95% confidence intervals for the mean quantitative SAT and the mean verbal SAT scores of all students who take this courseb. What sample size would be needed to estimate the mean verbal SAT score with 95% confidence and with error of no more than 15 if it is assumed that the s. d is no more than 120?c, Suppose the mean scores for all students who took the SAT at that time was 525 for the quantitative and 500 for the verbal. Do the means for students who take this course differs from the mean for all students at the 10% level of significance? ( Note: Present the Hypothesis, test statistic value and p-value)

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