Acct 8030-Colleen Company Has Gathered The Following Data

Colleen Company has gathered the following data pertaining to activities it performed for two of its major customers. Jerry Inc. Kate Co.Number of orders 4 60Units per order 3,000 220Sale Returns: Number of returns 2 5Total units returned 50 160Number of sales calls 10 6Colleen Sells its products at $200 per unit. The firm’s gross margin ratio is 30%.The firm has determined the following activity costs: Activity Cost Driver and RateSales Calls $900 per visitOrdering processing $390 per orderDeliveries 490 per orderSales return 270 per return and $3 per unit returnedSales salary 95,000 per monthHow do you calculate the sales return for Jerry inc and for Kate Co when comparing the profitability of two customers.

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