THE MOVIE is DON JOHN and it is about sex addiction you will need to watch it and write the paper based on the addiction and answer all the questions from the instructions below.
Choose and research a movie that deals with the topic of addiction
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you answer the following:
Explain what types of addiction were addressed and how the film’s characters became addicted, if known.
How did this addiction physically affect the individuals involved?
In what way did the addiction affect work and relationships?
What were the long-term health problems associated with the addiction, if any?
How would you confront the addiction to bring attention to the problem? Explain.
Does the addicted individual blame his or her addiction on anyone? Do they take personal responsibility for their addiction?
What treatments are available for the individuals? Would this work for all types of addictions? Consider, for example, alcoholism with drug addiction or smoking and eating.

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