Algorithms As the class has progressed, you have learned about algorithm design and been able to select a search and a sort algorithm according to the conditions requested in your assignments.

Up to this point, you have covered the following:

Week 1: Introduction to Algorithm Analysis
You reviewed the data provided on a problem and selected an appropriate representation for the data using data structures to improve the execution time and space used by the algorithm.
Week 2: Big Oh
This week looked at how to represent the main functionality of an algorithm using flowcharts and pseudocode.
The Big Oh for several examples was also calculated.
Week 3: Searching and Sorting Algorithms
This week focused on selecting a sort and solve algorithm to solve a problem based on different approaches.
Week 4: Algorithm Design
In this week, the Big Oh for several examples was calculated.

Now in this final week, you should perform a full execution of the sorting and searching algorithm that you selected in the previous weeks using the following data.

Sort Algorithm

Input: Employee list

Name: Peter Schmidt

ID: 3044

Name: Mary Alson

ID: 1234

Name: Juan Lopez

ID: 2334

Name: Xion Lee

ID: 5556

Name: Adrian Boixua

ID: 3443

Output expected: Sorted by last name

Search Algorithm

Input: Product list

Product: Wireless keyboard

PID: A31

Product: Wireless mouse

PID: A42

Product: O.S. Software

PID: B07

Product: Printer

PID: P45

Output expected: Product name for product ID (PID) B07