Application of behavioural Theory


This ideas are very well applicable in Saudi Arabia, for many years, Saudi Arabia has successful in applying behaviorism theory in protecting culture and ways of life within the country from western influence. For a long time, Saudi Arabia has ensured that their population is conditioned to Islamic environment and culture in a way that no other religion has been allowed to set base in the region. This has been perfected by ensuring that foreign media is out of reach for person living in Saudi Arabia. This is to the recognition that human responds to external stimuli and that media is a very crucial tool used in behaviorism.

Law and judicial used in Saudi Arabia are sharia; Islamic laws, without regard to western influence on human rights. These are the conditioning situation in Saudi Arabia, such that the population have been subjected to these laws and have adopted them as the way of life. Referring to political situation in Saudi Arabia, application of behaviorism theory is well applied in the country. Saudi Arabia has for long been able to sustain its monarchy political system headed by the king. The government has ensured that there are strict laws that restrict social media and western media in Saudi Arabia; this is in recognition of the impact of the social media on stimulating human behavior. This has been witnessed in places like Egypt and Libya where the

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