Application Paper

The paper must correctly use at least 25 different terms learned in this course. Each term should be underlined or bold and numbered. If the terms are not numbered I will deduct 5 points. Each term should be used in such a way that it is clear to me that you understand the meaning of the term. Listing a string of terms is not acceptable. If there is an “and / or” all the terms used in that phrase count as one. Cramming terms concepts together will result in deduction of points. This assignment will count 12.5 percent toward your final grade. Due date is Saturday 7/22. Late assignments will not be accepted unless there is an approved documented excuse. One letter grade will be deducted for each day that the paper is late.

This is not a term paper so no references are needed.

Common errors:

Using less than 25 concepts

Using more than 25 concepts – I will only grade the first 25 concepts

Stringing concepts together with “and / or” , crowding several concepts into a single run-on sentence

Using concepts in a common sense way rather than in the sociological sense

Definig concepts rather than applying them to the topic

Using different gramatical forms of the same concept

Using a topic that is too general: Culture, Society, Religion, Poverty, Discrimination. You cannot use a chapter title or part of a chapter title as the topic of your paper.

Adding a second topic if there are not enough concepts – I will grade concepts that are applied to the first topic

Failing to number concepts – I will deduct 5 points

Missing submission deadline

If you are not sure of that your topic is appropriate you can email me your topic idea and I will tell you if it is acceptable. I will be glad to look at a rough draft of your application paper if you send it to me before February 24.

Format Example:

Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is an important part of the culture(1) of the rural south. It is a modern carryover from ancient hunting and gathering(2) traditions. Deer hunting was an big part of my socialization(3) as a young person growing up in southwest Georgia. (etc.)

This is an example of a good topic. It is personal, narrow and interesting.

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