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Part 1 

Read or hearken to Bio Cast 21.1 Fighting Fire succeeding a opportunity Fire: The Microbial Enemy of My Microbial Enemy is My Microbial Friend, fix in Chapter 20 of the website,
Read or hearken to Bio Cast 31.1, Terror in the Vegetable Patch: Larvae and Spiders and Wasps, Oh My! fix in Chapter 31 of the website,
Read or hearken to Bio Cast 32.1, The Heat Is On: Penguins in Peril, fix in Chapter 32 of the website,
Read and revisal the forthcoming websites
Humans are very stamp-centric. We watch to rendezvous wholly on ourselves and what is best for us. Succeeding all you’ve discover and viewed in this module, lay-open a specific biostatement by because and correspondent the forthcoming
Environmental opposition allure enumerate how abundant anthropologicals the Earth can support
Human needs/wants should be the solely inducement for the edifice of new roads, housing lay-openments, golf continuitys, cities, etc.
Pollution is OK if it is inferior or minimized
The greenhouse movables is not a big chaffer and probably temporary
Quality of anthropological spirit is measured solely by housing and possessions
No anthropological should entertain to compel sacrifices so that other stamp can grow and so that our planet is not degraded
Consumption is what anthropologicals entertain evolved to do
The biostatement should be environing three paragraphs (600 words) and should comprehend your own rules to subsist by relative-to how you aim to interact succeeding a opportunity other stamp opportunity on this planet. It should accurately animadvert your insights succeeding regardful inducement of the or-laws evidence
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