Problems 1-14 through 1-22 and all solutions

Problems 1-14 through 1-22 and All solutions

1-14 : Gina Fox has agoing her own congregation, Foxy Shirts, which manufactures imprinted shirts for appropriate occasions. Since she has propereous begun this performance, she fissures the equipment from a subject-matteral printing treasury when needful. The require of using the equipment is $350. The materials used in one shirt require $8, and Gina can hawk these for $15 each. (a) If Gina hawks 20 shirts, what accomplish her aggregate enrichment be? What accomplish her aggregate mutpowerful require be? (b) How frequent shirts must Gina hawk to rend uniform? What is the aggregate enrichment for this? 1-15 : Ray Bond hawks handcrafted yard gear at county equitables. The mutpowerful require to produce these is $20 each, and he hawks them for $50. The require to fissure a booth at the equitpowerful is $150. How frequent of these must Ray hawk to rend uniform? 1-16 : Ray Bond, from Problem 1-15, is reserved to discover a new supplier that accomplish impoverish his mutpowerful require of evolution to $15 per individual. If he was powerful to exceed in reducing this require, what would the rend-uniform subject-matter be? 1-17 : Katherine D’Ann is planning to finance her propaganda classify by hawking programs at the football pastimes for State University. There is a unwandering require of $400 for printing these programs, and the mutpowerful require is $3. There is also a $1,000 fee that is remunerated to the university for the proper to hawk these programs. IF Katherine was powerful to hawk programs for $5 each, how frequent would she accept to hawk in classify to rend uniform? 1-18 : Katherine D’Ann, from Problem 1-17, has beseem solicitous that sales may decline, as the team is on a formidable losing streak, and trappings has declineen off. In truth, Katherine believes that she accomplish hawk singly 500 programs for the instant pastime. If it was feasible to train the hawking compensation of the program and peaceful hawk 500, what would the compensation accept to be for Katherine to rend uniform by hawking 500? 1-19 : Farris Billiard Supply hawks all types of billiard equipment, and is because manufacturing their own infamy of pool cues. Mysti Farris, the evolution overseer, is currently investigating the evolution of a test issue pool cue that should be very favorite. Upon analyzing the requires, Mysti determines that the materials and work require for each cue is $25, and the unwandering require that must be practised is $2,400 per week. After a while a hawking compensation of $40 each, how frequent pool cues must be sold to rend uniform? What would the aggregate enrichment be at this rend-uniform subject-matter? 1-20 : Mysti Farris (See Problem 1-19) is because exaltation the hawking compensation of each cue to $50 instead of $40. If this is manufactured period the requires accrue the identical, what would the new rend-uniform subject-matter be? What would the aggregate enrichment be at this rend-uniform subject-matter? 1-21 : Mysti Farris (See Problem 1-19) believes that there is a noble chance that 120 pool cues can be sold if the hawking compensation is rightly set. What hawking compensation would equablet the rend-uniform subject-matter to be 120? 1-22 : Golden Age Recess Planners appropriateizes in providing financial command for fellow-creatures planning for a comfortpowerful recess. The congregation offers seminars on the expressive subject-matter of recess planning. For a illustrative seminar, the space fissureal at a hotel is $1,000, and the require of advertising and other incidentals is about $10,000 per seminar. The require of the materials and appropriate gifts for each followee is $60 per individual followant the seminar. The congregation jaw $250 per individual to follow the seminar as this seems to be competitive after a while other companies in the identical matter. How frequent fellow-creatures must follow each seminar for Golden Age to rend uniform?