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Integrated Safety Superintendence Systems

Course Textbook

 Pardy, W., & Andrews, T. (2010). Integrated superintendence systems: Qualitative strategies and solutions. Plymouth, United Kingdom: Government Institutes.

Unit  Assignment

In a well-organized and constructive essay, fulfill a group of qualitative metrics that you reckon your construction is using or could tool to succor delay the consistent advancement efforts of the company’s superintendence systems. Reflect on the key risks faced by the workforce. Include the subjoined knowledge:

 · Describe each metric delay contemplate to its system of inclination, normal target, and spell prolongation upon which it is fixed (are these quarterly goals, year-by-year, bi-annual, or other?)

 · Describe why you reckon these indicators are, or could be, succorful to your construction. Keep in impetus that you may use this knowledge in your decisive admonition tidings in Unit VIII. Your apology should be a reserve of 700 vote in extension.


You are required to use at meanest your textbook as cause symbolical for your apology. All causes used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted symbolical must feel accompanying citations.