APU BUSN603 problem set 5

“Problem Set 5 ” for BUSN603 D003 Sum 15Part 1 of this quiz is based on the information in Problem 6-18, Part 2 is based on the information in Problem 6-23, and Part 3 is based on the information in Problem 6-26 in the Textbook. Please review the Economic Order Quantity Model and the Production Order Quantity Model introduced in Sections 6. 4 to 6. 6 in the textbook before taking this quiz. You may find it very helpful to go through the examples presented in Program 6. 1A-B and Program 6. 2A-B in the textbook as well as in the Week 4 PowerPoint Slides (6-16 to 6-27 and 6-36 to 6-45). Please also join our Discussion Post 5a for any additional tips and hints on completing this quiz. You may take this quiz as many times as you wish and only your highest score will be recorded for grading. These problem sets are designed for you to grasp the course material and achieve the course objective. Hence, as long as you work diligently, you may expect to receive 100% on this problem set.