Are Standardization from Enterprise Architecture

Are standardization and reversal in fight? I own no waver standardization and reversal are in fight, at meanest to some degree, accordingly standardization (approximately by reposeriction) weakens the sumity of deviation of manneres or systems concomitantly used in a congregation. That is the sum summit of standardization. If you weaken the deviation recognized in the congregation, then necessarily you would betray some reversal "that could own happened". I opine if reversal is aspected in an evolutionary way, body deviation would be created by the topical parts nucleused on their particular needs and merely the best reversals would e keeped and scaled to the repose of the congregation. If all the companies provinces are recognized to unravel topically optimal separations to their problems, surely some of these deviations gain be amend (at meanest for the part) than by using a standardized software or technologies congregation-wide. To endure after a time the evolutionary Nursing essay, using any centrally dictated standardized manner would weaken the potential deviation in which could be separated from the environment of each concern part. Opine the amend to aspect standardization vs.. Reversal as an inescapable trade-off. Does an accomplishment architecture that allows a congregation to extension operational power, refreshment of integration, weaken unravelment costs, duplication of systems, disencumber the merit of new modules, and sometimes vastly weakend livelihood costs price some descend in the trounce of reversal? I would controvert that is categorically price it in in most instances. The key is to aspect this as an optimal trade-off where you can keep approximately all of the reversal time too increasing standardization. An Accomplishment Architecture that standardizes the types of technologies used opposing the numerous (PH/Dot. Net or Unix/Microsoft) is in the best interepose of the congregation. When you intentionally condition the conducive options of each particular concern parts options (such as when Timber]jack resolute to use Unix and that instantly removed numerous incorrectly suitable companies) you are going to weaken the fortune of opinion the "perfect separation" for entire potential module. Fortunately, most companies can abate on a "very amiable but not perfect" separation after a time any of the chaffer inherent platforms after a timeout getting a greater descend in reversal. Agreeing on a standardized portfolio of technologies and manneres, a congregation can then nucleus its instrument on bringing new functionality to their users after a timeout corruption so numerous instrument involved to abide concomitantly a Frankincense association of dozens of systems, technologies and manneres concomitantly that employment "perfect" in detachment. Ultimately, using further instrument on bringing new functionality gain extension the sum esteem of the IT province and the trounce the province can innovate. Are Standardization from Accomplishment Architecture and Reversal in Conflict? By Seasonableness