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Arguments against advertisement

Advertisement is the promotion of goods or services offered by a company with the aim of convincing customers to buy, and in the process increase sales and build a brand. It aims at communicating new products and changes of products to clients. In modern business, it is the thread that weaves the production system in a competitive market economy, thanks to the development of mass media. In the production system, the primary objective is to get the final product to satisfy the needs of the person who needs it most. To achieve this, the customer must be informed of the particular product that can meet his needs or wants. The information gap between the producer and the consumer is filled up by the advertisement. Advertisement is indispensable in the modern world; however it comes with many drawbacks. This essay seeks to present arguments against advertisement.

Persuasions on advertisements do not inform the customers of the disadvantages of the products or even the side effects. Therefore, customers end up buying goods without full information. Insufficient information about a product implies that customers are not in a position to make an optimum decision. In most cases, misinformation about makes the client purchase the wrong product. A customer may buy an inferior product just because the media succeeded to convince him, whereas there is a superior product in the market.

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