As you think about drinking water, do some research on a new form of energy production

As you think about drinking water, do some research on a new form of energy production–Fracking. What is fracking? How does it effect the environment?Here is a story to start: . weather. com/fracking”>http: //stories. weather. com/frackingQuestion 2As we think about the relationship between government, lobbyists and science, we need to understand the concept of ‘the power elite’. Do some research on C. Wright Mill’s notion of the power elite. To whom is it referring? Do we see evidence of the power elite today?For example: http: //thesocietypages. org/socimages/2012/09/10/the-power-elite-connections-between-business-and-politics-in-the-u-s/Do some research and tell us what you find!Question 3What impact does the politicization of science have on our country? Does it impact the production of knowledge? The use of knowledge? Does it impact technological development? Medical development? Does it impact our health? And lastly, how do other industrialized countries handle science? Is it politicized?Question 4As you think about how science and technology have changed our lives, do some research on the term McDonaldization. . What is McDondalizaation? Who benefits from it? How has it changed our lives? Is it good or bad?Check out this site: http: //www. umsl. edu/~rkeel/010/mcdonsoc. html How does the internet impact McDonalization? Does it increase it? Challenge it? Should we call the way in which the internet is changing our world ‘Googlization”?