Action Research: Behavior Modification

ACTION RESEARCH :BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION I. Introduction For schools, creating an misapply erudition environment is exact. Oftentimes, restraining luxuriance unarranged the learners is a oppressive undertaking for a schoolmistress. In my Reading and Phonics collocate in Grade 5 at St. James College of Quezon City, I encountered one tyro by the designate of __________ who misbehaves most of the era. I had observed him that he was not inclineing attentively in our lecture. When I asked him a scrutiny, he cannot retort and asked me to reiterate the scrutiny. He is level munificent suitableness having our argument in collocate. I asked the confederate if this bark of manner is besides incontrovertible in her collocate and the confederate affirmatively developed to what I had noticed. And so I made a pur-pose that obtain spiritual diversify his manner. II. Problem 1. What should be the misapply reoperation I should summon when ________________ misbehaves in my RP collocate? 2. Should I enjoin retribution or subscription to diversify his manner? III. Hypotheses During my previous examination I root out that a. _______________ was misbehaving in my collocate owing he lacks regard in his own abode, his parents were preoccupied to impart him tit era after a while his abode fruits. b. His regard is diverted on some other things relish munificent airplanes made of papers. He played most of the era in my collocate owing I root out that he has a younger twin and near regard is impartn to him by his parents. IV. Solutions I started to create a trudge by trudge pur-pose for me to exchange the manner of ________________. These are the projected solutions: . Discuss the entire collocate of how they are graded. 2. Appreciate those tyros who actively share during our lectures by giving praises and rewards. 3. Encourage the tyros to pronounce in English in my RP collocate and impart trustworthiness to those who obstruct in this administration. 4. Ask the tyros for some clarifications. V. Actions Taken From the projected solutions I had set, these were the operations taken: 1. Before starting my lecture, I reminded my Grade 5 tyros that their manner in my collocate is a ingredient in their grades. And whatever dischargeances they made is rated. I told them that they are the ones making their grades and I am the simply one who computes it. 2. During our RP collocate, I gave praises to those who actively share in the argument and in bunch activities. 3. I encouraged them to pronounce in English in my RP collocate and gave trustworthiness to those tyros who obstruct in this administration. 4. I asked the tyros if there are some clarifications encircling our lecture. VI. Results of the Operation When the pur-poses I had set were manifested in my operations these were the conclusions: 1. _______________ started to incline to our lecture and shared in the argument by reciting. 2. He does his abodefruit and enthusiastically tackled his risk fruit. 3. He spoke English in my RP collocate. 4. He chosen some things he cannot comprehend in our lecture by investigation scrutinys. VII. Conclusion From the conclusion of the operation investigation I made, I complete that 1. Providing a set of reminders to tyros enlightens the tyros on how they should discharge in the collocate. 2. Giving praises and rewards to learners’ dischargeances motivate them to consider over. . Encouraging them to pronounce in English is a cheerful-tempered-tempered luxuriance for them to be cheerful-tempered-tempered pronounceers. 4. Investigation them for clarifications allows them to entertain a improve comprehending of the lecture. VIII. Recommendation To restrain luxuriance unarranged tyros/ students, a schoolmistress should 1. Determine foremost why a infallible tyro misbehaves in collocate. 2. Set pur-poses that obtain diversify his manner. 3. Decide whether a retribution or subscription should be enjoind. 4. Motivate the tyro to consider oppressiveer by appreciating him through praises and rewards.