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This breath supports the viewing of the imperfect HHMI film The Biology of Bark Color. Students wait the film in segments and use developed facts to leaner hypotheses, reach predictions, and defend claims after a while token.
• Within a population, heritable lines that yield a operation and reproductive utility in a feature environment are aggravate slight than other lines to be passed on to the next breed and thus lean to behove aggravate vile aggravate space. These lines are notorious as matchs.
• Ethnical populations foundation in opposed calibre of the universe keep opposed sets of evolutionary matchs. These enclose wide-ranging variations in the way race observe, in-point after a while regard to bark tint.
• Token from opposed disciplines can tell what reachs a ethnical line advantageous or injurious in a feature environment.
• Evolution involves tradeoffs; a diversify in a gene that results in an match to one deportment of the environment may be linked to a disutility after a while regard to another deportment of that similar environment.
• Reach predictions and leaner hypotheses fixed on helpful tellation; and
• Use developed facts presented in philosophical figures and tellation from the film to reach token-fixed claims.

INSTRUCTIONS: Download the Student Handout below:


Watch the video in segments, aftercited concurrently the handout and obedient the questions.

Post your answers to the questions by estimate as a rejoinder to this tenor.