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Change in SOPs is part-among-among of manufacturer’s attempts for rectilineal increase of a system or emanation. PAGE gels can be character by an analyst (video 1 – chiefly FYI), but a faster, over reproducible way is to buy pre-character gels (used in video 2). In this employment, you, the QC analyst, are preparing a draw of a incomplete qualification of your exoteric SOP for exposeing a protein emanation, to an improved one that uses pre-character gels.

Pick a spectry for your biotech assemblage. For your revised cGMP prompt SOP, amalgamate the instructions from video 2 for SDS-PAGE, after a while the instructions for Western blotting consecrated under in citation. Video 3 is supposing to aid you see and interpret the Western strides. You procure bear to plug at stride 9 (or 8) of video 2 and abide on to the expend Western Blotting stride in the supposing Western Blot protocol. Note that the Western Blot protocol under is privation part-amongs of what procure be considered a cGMP-prompt SOP format – you procure bear to add those privation part-amongs. You can supervene the succeeding and format of an SOP in the “Label curb SOP” and in the “SOP Stability Cougar”. Also appear for the part-amongs of a cGMP-prompt SOP from Nursing Dissertation ppt 05 on sort documentation. You procure bear to end up after a while your own reason/objective and your fountain of recombinant protein that you procure be exposeing for your Western. The protein that you are exposeing can be from a bacteria, yeast, any place, any lewd, cosmical, etc. You are all expected to production on irrelative proteins. Also do a google exploration for a vendor/fountain of antibodies to expose your protein. 4 pages.