Blue Tree Incurred A Total Cost Of $1,000 To Produce

1. Blue Tree incurred a total cost of $1,000 to produce 1500 units of output. A total of 250 hourswas incurred for this effort. If the variable cost was $5 per direct labor hour, then the fixed costwas how much?2. Amazon is planning to expand its warehouse distribution center. Variable costs will increase3% and fixed costs will increase 10%. Last year’s costs are below. Variable costs$25 per unitFixed costs$30,000 per monthCalculate the future total cost assuming 2,000 units are shipped each month. 3. If a company’s sales price per unit is $50, variable costs per unit are $30, and fixed costs for theyear are $300,000. How many units must the company sell to break even?4. A company currently breaks even at 2,000 units. Its fixed costs are $80,000 and its variablecosts are $20 per unit. What is the product’s selling price per unit?5. A company’s selling price is $6 per unit, variable cost is $1. 50 per unit, and fixed costs are$12,000. What is the break-even point in sales dollars?6 A company produces two products, A and B. A sells for $10 and has variable costs of $6. B sellsfor $8 and has variable costs of $5. Fixed Costs for the period are $25,000. An equal number of Aand B units are sold. At the break-even volume, how many units of A will be sold?7. Crane Company produces one type of machine with the following costs and revenues for theyearTotal revenues$5,600,000Total fixed costs$2,700,000Total variable costs$1,400,000Total units produced and sold 700,000a. Refer to the Crane Company. Calculate the contribution margin per unit. b. Refer to the Crane Company. Calculate the break-even point in units. c. Refer to the Crane Company, how many units must be sold to make an operating profit of$300,000 for the year?8. Charleston Company produces two products, A and B, with the following characteristics: Product A Product BSelling price per unit$12$18Variable cost per unit$8$15Expected sales (units) 15,00020,000Total fixed costs for the company are $30,000. Show you work for the following questions: A. What is the anticipated profit given the expected sales volume?B. Assuming the product mix would be the same at the break-even point, compute the breakeven point (be sure to indicate the number of units of each productC. If only product C were sold, how many units would be needed to break even?D. If only product F were sold, how many units would be needed to break even?E. If the product mix changed so that equal units of C and F were sold, what would be the newbreak-even point in total units?9. Kodak wishes to earn a 30% return on its $200,000 investment in equipment used to producenew photography rolls. Based on estimated sales of 20,000 units of photography rolls, the costper unit would be as follows: Variable manufacturing costs$8Fixed selling and administrative costs $4Fixed manufacturing costs$2At how much per unit should the Photography Rolls be priced for sale? (Kindly show the work)