Bobby And Sissy Got Married 2.5 Years Ago.

Bobby and Sissy got married 2. 5 years ago. Since that time, they have lived in Bobby’s home. Sissy sold her previous home three years ago and excluded her entire gain ($80,000) at that time. Bobby and Sissy decided to move to a bigger home this year. As a result, they sold Bobby’s home for $500,000 (original cost $150,000). How much of the gain from the sale is taxable? 2. Robert will be working overseas on a temporary assignment beginning on March 1 of this year through January 31 of next year (347 total days, 306 this year). His salary is $11,000 per month while Robert is overseas, but only $9,200 per month otherwise. What is the minimum amount of Robert’s salary that he must include in gross income this year? (Round your final answer to the nearest whole dollar amount & assume that there are 365 days in this year) 3. Lisa and Collin are married. Lisa works as an engineer and earns a salary of $116,000. Collin works at a beauty salon and reported wages of $45,000. Lisa received $500 of interest from corporate bonds and $250 of interest from a municipal bond. Lisa acquired these bonds prior to her marriage to Collin. Collin’s father passed away on April 14. He inherited cash of $50,000 and his baseball card collection, valued at $2,000. As beneficiary of his father’s life insurance policy, Collin also received $150,000. The couple spent a weekend in Atlantic City in November and came home with gambling winnings of $1,200. Collin was injured in an accident at the salon. He was unable to work for a month, but during this time he received $5,000 from disability insurance he purchased several years ago. Collin also received $2,000 in workman’s compensation, and $1,500 from the salon for the emotional trauma he suffered from the accident. Calculate Lisa and Collin’s gross income for this year assuming they will file married joint. 4. Simon was awarded a scholarship to attend State Law School from Gary Harris & Associates, Attorneys at Law. The scholarship pays Simon’s tuition ($7,000 per semester), fees ($500 per semester), and a $4,500 per semester stipend to pay for food and housing. In order to qualify for the stipend, Simon must work 10 hours per week at Gary Harris & Associates during the term. How much of the scholarship is Simon required to include in gross income?

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