Busi 432 Module/Week 2 — Legal Considerations: Title Vii And Job Design Exam 1

A third-country national is a citizen of one country who is working in a second country and employed by an organization headquartered in the first country. TrueFalseGlobal Professional in Human Resource (GPHR), a human resource certification, is sponsored by the American Society for Training and Development. TrueFalseThe strategic role of human resource involves helping to define the strategy relative to human capital and its contribution to organizational results. TrueFalseEven if an organization does not have a history in which people have shared experiences for years, the organizational culture will stabilize. TrueFalseA useful way to measure the productivity of a workforce is to determine the total cost of people against the annual sales of the organization. TrueFalseIt is not necessary for human resource professionals at all levels to possess strategic knowledge and impact. TrueFalseA person who has in-depth knowledge and expertise in a limited area of human resource is known as a human resource generalist. TrueFalseOrganizational culture consists of the shared values and beliefs that give members of an organization meaning and provide them with rules for behavior. TrueFalseFirms using tweets on competitive service details lead to problems associated with using social media. TrueFalseThe Organization for Economic Cooperation has recommended that global multinational firms establish and implement stricter ethical standards to aid business development. TrueFalseShort-range forecasts focus on the immediate HR needs of an organization. Selected TrueFalseOrganizational strategy is independent of Human Resource managementTrueFalseThe external environment of planning includes the quality and quantity of talent, the organizational culture, and the talent pipeline and leadership bench strength. TrueFalseGood strategies involve an accurate diagnosis of the challenge, an approach to overcome the obstacles, and a focus on coherent actions to make the approach work. TrueFalseThe policy of assigning host-country nationals to key staff positions in offshore organizations is known as the ethnocentric policy of global staffing strategies. TrueFalseThe formula for calculating human capital value added = Revenue – (Operating Expense – (Compensation + Benefit Costs)) / Full-Time Head Count. TrueFalseThe value for HR practices cannot be measured. TrueFalseThe Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) requires private or commercial organizations that employ 100 or more full-time-workers who have worked more than six months in the previous year to give a 60-day notice before implementing a layoff or facility closing that involves more than 50 people. TrueFalseIntermediate-range plans usually project one to three years into the future. TrueFalse“Percentage of employees with career plan” is an example of the development HR metric. TrueFalseDifferences in pay between men and women in the same jobs are permitted when there is a difference in the quality of work. TrueFalseThe Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 is applicable only to women. TrueFalseUnder the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act, employees are required to notify their employers of military service obligations. TrueFalseThe Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) requires that employers treat maternity leave the same as other personal or medical leaves. TrueFalseNepotism is the practice of preventing relatives from working for the same employer. TrueFalseThe Rehabilitation Act was initially only applicable to federal contractors. TrueFalseDisparate treatment occurs when either different standards are used to judge individuals or the same standard is used but it is not related to the individuals’ jobs. TrueFalseThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers all state government employees. TrueFalseProvisions of the Affordable Care Act (2010) allow for break time and a private place for nursing mothers to express breast milk for one year after the birth of a child. TrueFalseThe Americans with Disabilities Act includes restrictions on obtaining and retaining medically related information on applicants and employees. TrueFalseComprised of more than 200 statements, the position analysis questionnaire examines avariety of managerial dimensions, including decision making and supervising. TrueFalseMarginal functions are those duties that are part of a job but are incidental or ancillary to the purpose and nature of a jobTrueFalseReviewing existing job documentation is typically the last step in the job analysis process. TrueFalseShift differential is the additional pay that employees receive for working the evening or night shiftsTrueFalseA virtual team is composed of individuals who are separated geographically but linked by communications technology. TrueFalseWorkflow analysis is the study of the way work moves through an organization. TrueFalseA functional definition of what is done in a job can be generated by examining the three components of data, people, and things. TrueFalseWorkflow analysis usually begins with the evaluation of activities that lead to the output. TrueFalseWork is effort directed toward accomplishing results TrueFalseA job is a grouping of tasks, duties, and responsibilities that constitutes the total work assignment for an employeeTrueFalse

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