Business 56754-Explain The Basic Ideas, Components, Or Beliefs

order is: 1 page for the first three questions. Theory: Path – GoalTeams will investigate an assigned theory of leadership. This inquiry should find answers to the following: 1. Theory/Concept Overview – Explain the basic ideas, components, or beliefs. 2. Leadership Definition – How is leadership defined under this theory?3. Operational Context – Where does leadership “reside” in this theory? What are the roles of the leader, follower, organization, and context?4. Leadership Influence – By what means does one influence others?5. Leadership Development – How is leadership developed according to this theory? What actions could be taken to develop leadership under this theory?6. Strengths/Weaknesses – What are the strengths and weaknesses of this theory?7. Lessons for Leadership – According to this theory, what are the three most important points one needs to know to be an effective leader?Each team will prepare a 15-20 minute presentation explaining their assigned theory/concept in a creative, engaging manner, i. e. , you should include: a. An opening that gets our attention and helps us connect to the topicb. An overview of your objectives – what is your point and where are you goingc. The content presented in an interesting and interactive mannerd. Practical examples that illustrate major facets of the theorye. BRIEF (1-2 PAGE) HANDOUT AS PROMPT AND GUIDE (with references and copies for all)f. A conclusion that sums your content and reemphasizes the important points

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