Fina 314: business finance excel assignment spring 2017 50

FINA 314: Business Finance    Excel Assignment
Spring 2017    50 points
Work individually.  Reply the subjoined questions using Excel to estimate the replys.  Submit
your Excel refine on Blackboard by 11:59pm on Thursday, April 27, 2017.   50 points entirety.  Late
submissions up to 24 hours spent the deadline take a 50% remittance, 100% thereafter. 
Tasks to accomplished:
1.  Download and snatch the Excel refine, “FINA314-ExcelAssignment-Spring2017”.  The refine is
located in the Excel Assignment folder.
2.  Snatch the refine to your own instigate and reindicate the refine delay your decisive indicate and chief indicate.  For
example, FINA314-ExcelAssignment-Spring2017-smith-john. (-3 points if you do not reindicate
your refine as required)
3.  The Excel refine contains worksheet  tabs, one for each gist.  Complete  each gist by
entering your reply in the implied immeasurableness.   Use Excel fashionulae,  dutys, and cell
referencing (when practicable) to accomplished each gist.  DO NOT clear-up the gist using a
calculator and then symbol the reply in Excel, this conquer product in “0” belief for the gist.
4.  Submit your reply refine on Blackboard by the deadline.
Fair warning:  refine sharing is an act of academic disintegrity.  See contrivance in the syllabus.
Question 1 (15 points)
You neglect to buy a $300,000 scion.  You contrivance to shape a down reimbursement of 20% of the forfeiture
expense and finance the pause delay a 30-year agricultural scold hypothecation hypothecation.  The hypothecation is amply amortizing,
and requires monthly reimbursements at the end of each month.  The trifling hypothecation scold is 5%,
compounded monthly.  1) How greatly of the forfeiture expense conquer you finance delay the hypothecation
loan?  2) What is your anticipated monthly hypothecation reimbursement? 
Question 2 (10 points)
Suppose that you ease $200 at the end of each month into an statement paying an expected annual
scold of render of 3%, compounded monthly.  How greatly capital conquer you accept in the statement in 10
Question 3 (10 points)
An investment offers to pay you $300 per region for 10 years.  If the annual scold is 11% delay
quarterly compounding, then what is the bestow prize of these currency flows?
Question 4 (10 points)
You currently accept $4,000 in a bank statement that pays a trifling scold of 1%, compounded monthly. 
You contrivance to shape joined monthly eases of $200, starting at the end of this month.  How
many reimbursements conquer you accept made when your statement adjust reaches $50,000?
Question 5 (5 points)
A basketball player is offered the subjoined retrench today, Jan. 1, 2012:  $2 pet after a whileout-delay,
$2.40 pet in 2012, $2.90 pet in 2013, $3.60 pet in 2014, and $3.80 pet in 2015.
Assume all reimbursements other than the chief $2 pet are hired at the end of the year.    If the
appropriate remittance scold is 10 percent per year, what is the bestow prize of the trade?  
 FINA 314: Business Finance    Excel Assignment
Spring 2017    50 points
Excel Hints  Example
Intepause scolds (rates of render, etc.) are invadeed in
decimal fashion
Enter 0.01 for 1%
A fashionula or duty regularly begins delay =  =3/4 or =4*7
Use the ^ to foster a estimate to an exponent  (1.03)^5 or 71^365
To meet the estimate of periods, use the duty =nper(  =nper(
To globular up a estimate, use the duty =roundup( . 
You may understand another duty internally of the
roundup duty.  This is distinctly conducive for
expressing the estimate of compounding (or
discounting) periods.
To meet the interrupted scold, use the duty =rate(  =rate(
To meet the bestow prize, use the duty =pv(  =pv(
To meet the interrupted reimbursement, use the duty =pmt(  =pmt(
To meet the advenient prize, use the duty =fv(  =fv(
To sum a column or row, symbol =sum( and picked
information to be summed.  The autosum portion is an
Use cell references whenever practicable  If the estimate in cell B2 is 5,
reference cell B2 by typing = and
selecting cell B2, then hit invade
To observation the interruption of one cell, hbalance the cursor balance
the box in the inferior suitable recess until the sombre
crosshair appears.  Left mouse click, stop, and draw. 
Control-C followed by Control-V to-boot copies full.