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Part 1

Assume that for a car manufacturer, Chrysler Ford. Your boss, the first financial functionary, has sound handed you

the estimated coin flows for two incomplete schemes. Scheme L involves adding a new individual to the firm's

ignition thread; it would accept some interval to plant up the market for this consequence, so the coin inflows would increase

aggravate interval. Scheme S involves an add-on to an corporeal thread, and its coin flows would wane aggravate interval. Both

projects possess 3-year lives, owing Chrysler is planning to preface perfectly new models behind 3 years.

Here are the schemes net coin flows (in thousands of dollars):

Expected behind-tax


net coin flows (CFt)                                                                                               Scheme S

Year (t)      Project S       Scheme L                                                                       0         1         2          3

0                 ($100)            ($100)                                                                       -100     70       50        20

1                    70                    10

2                    50                    60                                                                          Project L

3                   20                     80                                                                            0         1         2         3

                                                                                                                            -100     10      60        80

Depreciation, salvage esteems, net working cardinal requirements, and tax property are all interposed in these coin flows.

The CFO so made intellectual promote assessments of each scheme, and he concluded that twain schemes possess promote

characteristics which are correspondent to the firm's mean scheme. Chrysler’s weighted mean require of cardinal is 10%.

You must now designate whether one or twain of the schemes should be received.


Evaluate the schemes using the 5 key techniques:

(1) payback era,

(2) discounted payback era,

(3) net introduce esteem,

(4) inside reprove of recur, and

(5) mitigated inside reprove of recur.

Identify those schemes that conciliate manage to the maximization of the firm's accumulation compensation.


Part 2

Critically estimate the appraisal techniques aloft. Discuss their limitations, the gregarious and

ethical factors that should so be considered when making such decisions.