The company is sandisk this assignment is 5 excel sheets, and 3-5

the concourse is Sandisk this assignment is 5 exceed sheets, and 3-5 pages written fact. all grounds is adapted at yahoo finance or concourse office. instructions: 1. Find a mid-cap concourse (bigwig affect $500M to $2B in traffic cap) which has been suitably paying dividends. 2. Get 3-5 years of literal financial statements 3. Prearrange the instant 5 years, Pro Forma financials (but aggravateseem the Statement of Coin Flows) 4. Now, follow up delay a senior purpose for your concourse (expansion, new fruit, upright integration, etc.) that gain require roughly 15-25% of the concourse's Total Assets. 5. Create a proud smooth (as in senior price categories) Require Benefit Analysis for the concourse's purpose aggravate a 5 year purposeion. Focus on the MODEL not the aggregate, but find the aggregate product. That is, direct NPV, realistic IRR, etc. 6. Now do another SEPARATE prearrange for 5 years using your prearrange aloft, but strengthen this new purpose (find this pure, coin basis from the CBA adventitious to Revenues and Expenses). 7. Determine how you're going to instruct funds for this: Issue hoard or something-due, but no alliance. One or the other. And excuse your firmness. Show a WACC anteriorly and behind delay this new chief. 8. Present your purpose to the rank. 5 searching grant on concourse fact, your prearrange and how you did it, your concourse's new purpose, how it affects the prearrange, how you gain get the money and why. 9. Turn in a 3-5 page written fact, including appendices for financial statements, etc. Find them seem administrative. 10. Upload your financial design: the pro formas, the CBA, the WACC, etc. All this should be linked, and I should be efficacious to substitute variables that automatically update your design. For pattern, if you used X% enlargement in proceeds, I should be efficacious to substitute that and all your calculations in the design update.