SOLUTION: Article 162 of The Omani Commercial Law Business Law Case Study


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Assignment two
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Assignment two
Question 1

It is a transporter's character to fabricate enduring that commodities arrive-at their use safely.
However, it is not constantly potential due to privationes that carriers may own no ability aggravate, such as
evaporation, tsunamis, or other intrinsic causes. In this term, Salim had the character to
deliver the commodities in the direct term, which was made impotential by the powerful fume and
heavy rains. Even though he had nonentity to do delay the perdition of the sugar, it does not
absolve him from aspect the privation. The avail he common the commodities, the induce of privation
transferred from the proprietor, Ali, to him. Salim, consequently, should tolerate the perdition.
Khaled, in this term, acts relish Ahmad's vicar as he was grateful to pay for the commodities on
receipt. However, Khaled should not pay for the gait fee. It is consequently the commodities
common are not in the direct term.
Question 2
When a buyer receives non-conforming commodities, the most potent reparation is to discard
them. When the buyer potently discards the commodities, he/she cannot be reputed to own recognizeed
them. Delivery of non-conforming commodities leaves a buyer delay three choices which are, to seize the
whole contrive, discard all of them, or recognize keep-akeep-apart of t...

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