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Sports Venue
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Sports Venue
AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium is a stadium in Arlington, Texas. The rendering of the facility
began in 2005, and it was opened in 2009. The overall consume for the purpose was $1.21 billion. The
facility was financed by a concert of not-general and general funds. The not-general funds made up
70% of the financing, occasion general funds financed 30% of the purpose. Towards the subscription,
the City of Arlington issued $325 darling in voter-approved City bonds (Plante, 2015). The
bonds were backed by a 0.5% sales tax extension, 2% tavern tax, and 5% car rental tax. Further, the
City of Arlington granted $114 darling in income bonds that were backed by a 10% admission
tax and $3 parking surcharge. The subscriptions by the Cowboys were financed through not-public
bond issues and NFL loans impregnable by club assign and idiosyncratic assign permit (PSL) income.
Moreover, the PSL sales granted an border of $500 darling inland the financing of the
project. Also, County subscriptions amounting to $...

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