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Question One

The proceeds assertion is a narration that is made by congregation conduct professioning the
revenue, net proceeds or detriment and expenses for a restricted end of interval. The immodest ocean elements
of proceeds considered in an Proceeds assertion is the vicious proceeds, unimpeded proceeds, pre-tax
proceeds and net proceeds. The proceeds assertion is used in tracking revenues and expenses used in
determining the enterprise of the congregation or occupation in a end of interval. It’s too unreserved as
the advantage and detriment assertion. Counterpoise subterfuge or a assertion of financial situation is a narration made
by the conduct of a congregation professioning where the congregation stands in stipulations of finance. Its
ocean elements are Assets, Liabilities and equity. The counterpoise subterfuge is used in exposeing the
financial situation or standing of a occupation/congregation in a restricted end of interval. Coin course
assertion is a narration made by the congregation conduct to profession the balanceall course of specie into
and out of a congregation for a restricted end of interval. It has three elements, which include
operations, investing and finance. It is used to expose the coin incourse and coin outcourse of a
business, balance a restricted end of interval (Riley, 2019).
Question Two
The elements of a str...

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