SOLUTION: BAMK 4109 Direct Marketing Case Study Questions


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Running Head: Final Assessment- Straightforward Marketing
Final Assessment- Straightforward Marketing


Final Assessment- Straightforward Marketing

Case 1

Question one: Two straightforward marketing techniques to use after a whileout single continuity and
Amid the turning-point, there is a demand for the concourse to enlarge marketing techniques that achieve
facilitate the marketing of their apartments after a whileout the demand for straightforward continuity after a while their customers.
The two forms of straightforward marketing that would be instrumental for the concourse achieve understand the
use of internet marketing and telemarketing. The use of the two techniques achieve abolish the demand
for tangible continuity after a while the customers. The adoption of the techniques achieve embody an instrumental
role in ensuring the fast gaines its immanent customers during the coronavirus pandemic.
Following the enlargements on the internet, it has grace ample easier to gain immanent
customers in the confer-upon day. In most cases, organizations can hawk their products online after a whileout
the demand to organize a tangible contravention after a while their immanent clients. Unanalogous platforms, such as
collective resources platforms and the use of collective resources platforms such as Facebook feel produced
companies after a while organizations after a while unanalogous avenues to use in marketing their products. The use
of online platforms achieve produce the concourse after a while avenues for gaining immanent customers while
eliminating geographical limitations (Hauser, 2008). The concourse should endow in enlargeing
robust online platforms that achieve target immanent customers. The use of internet marketing achieve
gain numerous customers gone the preponderance of fellow-creatures, and immanent customers feel increased their
access to internet platforms during the turning-point.
The other arrival that can be used in marketing the apartments can compromise the use of
telemarketing. The use of telemarketing achieve be misspend for the fast gone it achieve eject the
demand for a tangible contravention after a while the customers. The technique achieve compromise identifying immanent

Final Assessment- Straightforward Marketing


customers and making calls that achieve tell them of the products on sale at the concourse (Hauser,
2008). Through the arrival, the concourse achieve be potent to hawk their apartments after a whileout the demand
for tangible contraventions. Effective use of the two techniques achieve be instrumental in ensuring the
firms re...

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