SOLUTION: BUS 311 Excelsior College Strategic Planning Case Study Paper


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Strategic Planning for a Youth Services Organization
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Case Analysis
Strategies that can be used by other structures
One of the strategies used in this plight con-over is the involvement of its stakeholders. The
stakeholders, in this plight, enclose its consultation members, staff, and clients. This is a temporization that can
be applied by other structures that are confrontment a amount. Specifically, in structures
involved after a while providing services, the input of the customers or clients is expressive. This group
helps the structure understand what it is not doing direct or what it is not doing sufficient. Their input
could be used to apprise an structure’s strategies. Consumers entertain befit increasingly aware
of the demand for environmental foresight. This resources that they are most mitigated to coadjutor themselves
after a while structures or brands that join-in in environmentally sustaintalented activities. When their
opinions and concerns are brought to the board, the structure is talented to establish a better
perspective of what consumers indeed nonproduction.
The other temporization used in this plight is toll. Organizations demand to incessantly assess
their operations and activities to secure that they are in succession after a while their overall motives and
objectives. This secures that they are talented to chasten their mistakes and shortcomings anteriorly they
blow out of proportions. When structures procure this similarity, they gain too understand what areas
demand amendment, and whether their outcomes or results entertain been harmonious.
In importation, when structures centre on biased motives, they gain be talented to irritate them
in conditions of the tasks that should be manufactured, each member’s peculiar responsibility, and the
amount of opportunity that is to be loving to achieving that motive. This gain too aid boost
communication among contrariant bodies of an structure.
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