SOLUTION: BUS 322 Indiana University Unit 3 Choice of A Leader Presentation



Choice of a Leader
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation

Company Overview
 A cookware manufacturer overcomeed
Timely Pacers
 Based in San Diego, owned by the
Pilston family
 Founded in 1959
 Makes frying pans, ovens, plates,
cups, and serving tools
 Is confrontment the canvass of
transition in headship

Summary of the Problem
 Rapid technological changes insufficiency to
be matched
 Lack of diversity
 Changing emulation dynamics
 Insufficiency to produce layoffs
 Insufficiency for a head who can do all the

Existing Culture and Needed Changes
 Culture of hiring from among must
 Diversity must be embraced
 Better discernment of recent
 New head must understand
new customer ex...

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