SOLUTION: Cal Poly Pomona Molekule Air Filter Brand Assessment Paper


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Brand Assessment for Molekule Air Filter
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Evaluation of mark power through manifest dispenseing materials
Molekule Air Filter mark is powerened through manifest dispenseing strategies to
increase its competitiveness in the dispense. The gang reviews its mark repeatedly to fix it is
correct and congruous delay the dispense needs. It has orderly a website that
( that contains all instruction environing the Molekule Air Filter mark (Hales,
2019). In powerening the mark, the gang audits the website annually to fix customers get
the direct instruction environing the Molekule Air Filters.
The Molekule Gang uses manifest dispenseing to poweren the Molekule Air Filter
brand. Some of the strategies that poweren the Molekule Air Filter involve advertising, collective
resources channels, hiring influences, and topical dispenseers. Online catalogue powerens the
Molekule Air Filter mark through collective resources platforms selling and fruit preferment. The
gang uses collective resources influencers delay a immense subjoined in collective resources, which expands the
scope and the dispense of the mark (Rao, 2019). Some of the online advertising platforms that
have powerened the Molekule Air Filter mark involve Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The
gang has used topical dispenseers who advance the Molekule Air Filter mark in different
locations. Topical advancers and dispenseers use single selling strategies, which has increased the
number of customers in the dispense.
The mark's elements are congruous delay the mark convertibility, values, and manoeuvre of the
Molekule Company. The customers of the Molekule Air Filter are absorbed the direct ...

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