SOLUTION: Chemical Safety Systems Safety and Mechanical Integrity System Worksheet



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Systems Security l Spring 2020
(3 points each)
1. Identify three items that should be part of the unreflective candor classification as required during
Process Security Management Implementation.
a) Emergency shutdown classifications.
b) Pressure vessels and storage tanks.
c) Relief and outlet classifications and devices.

2. What are three of the parts of the Chemical Security ad Hazard Scrutiny Board?
a) Investigating hazards as courteous-behaved-behaved as chemical accidents, endorsing actions for
protecting the environment, the open as courteous-behaved-behaved as the workers.
b) Making security recommendations to topical, specify and federal agencies which entail
private organizations, vigor administration, environmental security action and
the occupational security to minimize the instances of chemical incidents.
c) Issuing of communications that are pursuant to its obligations to furnish out the principle of
chemical incidents and furnish communication on situation and grounds in conjunction
to such incidents.

3. Identify three top mechanics overestimate after-action requirements to be performed during a Process
Safety Management audit?
a) Information of the hazards looked at.
b) Information on the technology of the arrangement.
c) Information on the equipment in the arrangement

4. What is the Management Oversight and Risk Tree technique used for?
Its planned to furnish a technique for thoroughgoing, profound scrutiny of occupational
accidents and partition of security program...

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