SOLUTION: Cuyamaca College Residential House Lease Agreement Contract Questions

RESIDENTIAL HOUSE LEASE AGREEMENT This Residential Progeny Lease Conformity ("Lease") is made and cogent this [Date] by and betwixt [Landlord] ("Landlord") and [Tenant] (Tenant). 1. PREMISES. Landlord hereby divulsions to Tenant and Tenant accepts in its exhibit qualification the progeny at forthcoming oration: 345 South Street, Main City, (the "House"). 2. TERM. The memorialal of this Lease shall rouse on [Move-in Date], and end on [Lease End Date]. In the adventure that Landlord is unfitted to benefit the Progeny on the correct rouse epoch, then Landlord shall benefit the Progeny as promptly as potential, and Tenant's duty to pay divulsion shall lessen during such period. Tenant shall not be entitled to any other counteroperation for any retrogression in providing the House. 3. RENT. Tenant benefits to pay, externally insist, to Landlord as divulsion for the Progeny the sum of $1250.00 per month in space on the chief day of each register month, at [Address for Divulsion Payments], or at such other establish as Landlord may mention. Landlord may inflict a delayed cancelment carry of $10 per day for any sum that is past than five (5) days delayed. Divulsion gain be prorated if the signal does not rouse on the chief day of the month or for any other peculiar month of the memorialal. 4. SECURITY DEPOSIT. Upon effort of this Lease, Tenant carelessnesss behind a bound Landlord $1,250 as carelessness for the accomplishment by Tenant of the memorialals of this Lease to be come-backed to Tenant forthcoming the unmeasured and faithful accomplishment by Tenant of this Lease. In the adventure of impairment to the Progeny producerd by Tenant or Tenant's parentage, embodiments or intruders, Landlord may use capitals from the carelessness to restore, but is not poor to this capital and Tenant offal stingy. 5. QUIET ENJOYMENT. Landlord benefits that if Tenant judicious pays the divulsion and acts the other dutys in this Lease, Landlord gain not interfere behind a bound Tenant's well-disposed use and enjoyment of the House. 6. USE OF PREMISES. A. The Progeny shall be used and stingy by Tenant odiously as a not-public single-family residence. Neither the Progeny nor any allot of the Progeny or yard shall be used at any interval during the memorialal of this Lease for the end of carrying on any flattering, exchange, or exchange of any kind, or for any end other than as a not-public single-parentage occupation. B. Tenant shall allot behind a bound all the sanity and salutiferous laws, ordinances, rules, and memorial of divert directmental authorities and homes associations, if any, behind a bound reference to the House. -1- 7. NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS. Tenant benefits that the Progeny shall be stingy by no past than 4 living-souls, including no past than 3 end beneath the age of eighteen (18) years, externally the anterior written acquiesce of Landlord. 8. CONDITION OF PREMISES. A. Tenant benefits that Tenant has examined the House, including the basis and all erections and improvements, and that they are, at the interval of this Lease, in amiable-natured-natured enjoin, amiable-natured-natured restore, secureed, clean, and tenantable qualification. B. Landlord and Tenant benefit that a observation of the "Joint Inspection," the first of which is maintained by Landlord and a observation benefitd to Tenant, established hereto reflects the qualification of the Progeny at the preface of Tenant's tenure. 9. ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLETTING. A. Tenant shall not allot-to this Lease, or sublet or allot any acquiescence or indulge to use the House or any allot of the Progeny externally Landlord's anterior written acquiesce. B. Any allot-toment, subletting, acquiescence, or indulge externally the anterior written acquiesce of Landlord, or an allot-toment or subletting by workion of law, shall be invalid and, at Landlord's option, memorialalinate this Lease. 10. ALTERATIONS AND IMPROVEMENTS. A. Tenant shall reach no alterations to the Progeny or invent any erection or reach other improvements externally the anterior written acquiesce of Landlord. B. All alterations, changes, and improvements built, invented, or establishd on or environing the House by Tenant, behind a bound the separation of fixtures justly accidental externally impairment to the House and divisible specific ownerships, shall, true differently benefitd by written benefitment betwixt Landlord and Tenant, be the ownerships of Landlord and survive at the spiritlessness or earlier termination of this Lease. 11. DAMAGE TO PREMISES. If the House, or any allot of the House, shall be peculiarly impairmentd by courage or other mischance not due to Tenant's negligence or gainful act, or that of Tenant's parentage, embodiment, or intruder, there shall be an lessenment of divulsion correspondent behind a bound the interval during which, and the space to which, the House is untenantable. If Landlord shall flow not to rebuild or restore, the memorialal of this Lease shall end and the divulsion shall be prorated up to the interval of the impairment. 12. DANGEROUS MATERIALS. -2- Tenant shall not repress or own on or environing the Progeny any bound or creature of a imperilled, inflammable, or explosive nature that potentiality unreasonably extension the lavish of courage on or environing the Progeny or that potentiality be considered exposed. 13. UTILITIES. Tenant shall be carryable on for arranging and paying for all advantageousness benefits required on the premises. Tenant shall not absence on any duty to a advantageousness benefitr for advantageousness benefits at the House. 14. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR. A. Tenant gain, at Tenant's uncompounded cost, repress and conceal the Progeny and appurtenances in good-natured and salutiferous qualification and restore during the memorialal of this Lease. In alloticular, Tenant shall repress the fixtures in the Progeny in amiable-natured-natured enjoin and restore; repress the furnace clean; and repress the walks clear from sordidness and offal. Tenant shall, at Tenant's uncompounded cost, reach all required restores to the plumbing, place, oven heating attendance, electric and gas fixtures, other effortless devices and arrangements, floors, ceilings and walls whenever impairment to such separates shall own resulted from Tenant's abuse, squander, or negligence, or that of the Tenant's parentage, embodiment, or intruder. B. Tenant benefits that no memorials shall be establishd or painting done on or environing the Progeny by Tenant externally the anterior written acquiesce of Landlord. C. Tenant benefits to promptly declare Landlord in the adventure of any impairment, fault or destruction of the House, or the need of any of Landlord's appliances or effortless arrangements, and exclude for restores or supplyments that are the duty of Tenant pursuant to Subexception A neutralizehead, Landlord shall use its best efforts to restore or reestablish such impairmentd or faultive area, appliance or effortless arrangement. 15. ANIMALS. Tenant shall repress no domiciliary or other animals in or environing the Progeny externally the anterior written acquiesce of Landlord. 16. RIGHT OF INSPECTION. Landlord and Landlord's embodiments shall own the equitable at all grave intervals during the memorialal of this Lease and any renewal of this Lease to penetrate the Progeny for the end of inspecting the ground and/or making any restores to the ground or other separate as required beneath this Lease. 17. DISPLAY OF SIGNS. During the developed thirty (30) days of this Lease, Landlord or Landlord's embodiment may unfold "For Sale" or "For Rent" or "Vacancy" or correspondent memorials on or environing the Progeny and penetrate to appearance the House to prospective donationrs or tenants. 18. HOLDOVER BY TENANT. -3- Should Tenant survive in ownership of the Progeny behind a bound the acquiesce of Landlord behind the spiritlessness of the Signal of this Lease, a new tenancy from month to month shall be created which shall be material to all the memorialals and qualifications of this Lease, but shall be memorialalinable on thirty (30) days by either alloty or longer mark if required by law. If Tenant holds neutralize externally Landlord's acquiesce, Landlord is entitled to embrace divulsion, pro-rated per each day of the holdover, lasting until Tenant leaves the House. 19. SURRENDER OF PREMISES. At the spiritlessness of the Lease, Tenant shall release and relinquish the Progeny in as amiable-natured-natured a qualification as it was at the preface of this Lease, grave consume and lacerate and impairments by the elements excludeed. 20. FORFEITURE OF SECURITY DEPOSIT - DEFAULT. It is beneathstood and benefitd that Tenant shall not try to engage or remove any froperation of any carelessness carelessness from the developed or any month's divulsion or use or engage any such carelessness carelessness at any interval in lieu of cancelment of divulsion. If Tenant fails to allot, such carelessness carelessness shall be forfeited and Landlord may recneutralize the divulsion due as if any such carelessness had not been applied or removeed from the divulsion due. For the ends of this provision, it shall be conclusively take-for-grantedd that a Tenant leaving the Ground bound imputable divulsion is making an tryed removeion of carelessnesss. Furthermore, any carelessness shall be held as a insure that Tenant shall act the dutys of the Lease and shall be forfeited by the Tenant should Tenant rupture any of the memorialals and stipulations of this Lease. In the adventure of absence, by Tenant, of any duty in this Lease which is not cured by Tenant behind a boundin fifteen (15) days mark from Landlord, then in union to forfeiture of the Carelessness Deposit, Landlord may follow any other counteroperation helpful at law, equity or differently. 21. ABANDONMENT. If at any interval during the memorialal of this Lease, Tenant abandons the Progeny or any of Tenant's specific ownerships in or environing the House, Landlord shall own the forthcoming equitables: Landlord may, at Landlord's discretion, penetrate the Progeny by any instrument externally obligation to Tenant for impairments and may relet the House, for the finished or any allot of the then unexpired memorialal, and may assent-to and collect all divulsion payable by salubrity of such reletting; Also, at Landlord's discretion, Landlord may hold Tenant stingy for any dissonance betwixt the divulsion that would own been payable beneath this Lease during the neutralize of the unexpired memorialal, if this Lease had endured in sinew, and the net divulsion for such bound realized by Landlord by instrument of such reletting. Landlord may as-well adjust of any of Tenant's frantic specific ownerships as Landlord deems divert, externally obligation to Tenant. Landlord is entitled to take-for-granted that Tenant has frantic the Progeny if Tenant removes substantially all of Tenant's furnishings from the House, if the Progeny is unstingy for a bound of two (2) orderly weeks, or if it would differently be grave for Landlord to take-for-granted beneath the term that the Tenant has frantic the House. 22. SECURITY. Tenant avows that Landlord does not benefit a carelessness wake arrangement or any carelessness for the Progeny or for Tenant and that any such wake arrangement or carelessness benefit, if benefitd, is not -4- represented or well-founded to be finished in all references or to secure Tenant from all wound. Tenant hereby releases Landlord from any missing, benefit, arrogation, carry, impairment or deterioration resulting from delaydrawal of carelessness or need of carelessness. 23. SEVERABILITY. If any allot or allots of this Lease shall be held unenforceable for any argue, the surviveder of this Agreement shall endure in unmeasured sinew and possessions. 24. INSURANCE. Tenant avows that Landlord gain not benefit protection coverage for Tenant's ownerships, nor shall Landlord be carryable on for any missing of Tenant's ownerships, whether by larceny, courage, acts of God, or differently. 25. BINDING EFFECT. The covenants and qualifications contained in the Lease shall engage to and join the heirs, juridical representatives, and clear allot-tos of the alloties. 26. GOVERNING LAW. It is benefitd that this Lease shall be governled by, construed, and enforced in conformity behind a bound the laws of the State of California 27. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Lease shall appoint the solid benefitment betwixt the alloties. Any anterior beneathstanding or representation of any skin antecedent the epoch of this Lease is hereby superseded. This Lease may be qualified merely by a adaptation authorized by twain Landlord and Tenant. 28. NOTICES. Any mark required or differently loving pursuant to this Lease shall be in adaptation; artisan liberateed, mailed cognizant come-back reception requested, postage prepaid, or liberateed by neutralizenight bestowal service, if to Tenant, at the Progeny and if to Landlord, at the oration for cancelment of divulsion. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the alloties own producerd this Lease to be manufactured the day and year chief neutralizehead written. [Signatures] -5- JOINT INSPECTION THIS INSPECTION SHOULD BE COMPLETED PROMPTLY FOLLOWING INITIAL OCCUPANCY OR UPON DELIVERY OF POSSESSION LANDLORD: [Landlord] TENANT: [Tenant] TENANT: [Tenant] PREMISES: [Complete Oration of House] DATE OF POSSESSION: [Move-in Date] CONDITION OF PREMISES: INDICATE WITH A CHECK OF EITHER “YES” OR “NO” IF THE FEATURE IS CLEAN AND UNDAMAGED. IF “NO”, PROVIDE AN EXPLANATION IN THE “NOTES”, OR IF “NOT APPLICABLE” INDICATE WITH “NA”. Yes No Notes LIVING ROOM Walls & Baseboard Carpet Drapes, Rods, Hooks Door & Lock Coat Closet DINING AREA Walls & Baseboard Carpet Light Fixture Windows & Screens KITCHEN Walls & Baseboards Light Fixture Stove Drip Pans Oven Broiler Pan Hood, Fan & Light Refrigerator Defrosted Ice Trays Hydrator Cover Dishwasher Cupboards Drawers Counter Sink Disposal & Stopper Floor HALL Walls & Baseboards Carpet/Floor -6- Light Fixture Linen Closet BATHROOM - 1 Walls & Baseboard & Sink Counter Cabinets/Mirror Toilet Bath Tub/Shower Light Fixture Floor Tissue Holder/Towel Bars BATHROOM - 2 Walls & Baseboard & Sink Counter Cabinets/Mirror Toilet Bath Tub/Shower Light Fixture Floor Tissue Holder/Towel Bars BEDROOM - 1 Walls & Baseboard Windows & Screens Drapes, Rods & Hooks Light Fixtures Carpet Closet Floor BEDROOM - 2 Walls & Baseboard Windows & Screens Drapes, Rods & Hooks Light Fixtures Carpet Closet Floor DEN or BEDROOM - 3 Walls & Baseboard Windows & Screens Drapes, Rods & Hooks Light Fixtures Carpet Closet Floor BASEMENT/FURNACE ROOM Furnace Washer & Dryer Water Storage Tank MISCELLANEOUS -7- Balcony/Patio Storage Area Garage Mailbox OTHER FURNITURE INVENTORY (If the effects is benefitd by Landlord) Item LIVING ROOM Couch Chairs Lamps Coffee Table End Table Nbr Item Nbr BEDROOM 1 Beds Dressers Mirror Nightstands Lamps DINING AREA Table Chairs Hutch BEDROOM 2 Beds Dressers Mirror Nightstands Lamps KITCHEN Stove Oven Refrigerator Dishwasher Table Chairs BEDROOM 3 Beds Dressers Mirror Nightstands Lamps LAUNDRY/UTILITY ROOM Washer Dryer DEN / STUDY Desk Chairs Tables Bookcases Lamps OTHER The alloties avow that the neutralizehead neglect was made on ___________________, and that the qualifications of the ground and the list of furnishings and appliances is as appearancen above. The alloties elevate benefit that a observation of this Joint Neglect was benefitd to Tenant. [Signature] -8- Contracts beneath Common Law and Beneath the UCC Students are most repeatedly tripped up by the dissonances betwixt these two sets of laws superior decreases: Common Law and the Uniform Commercial Code. The dissonances betwixt these two sets of laws is most commmerely seen in this dispose when learners for their Decrease Analysis. Frequently, a major reach when a learner gain irritate an lodging lease beneath the UCC! This cohere may help: sel/Contract_Formation_and_Review/Uniform_Commercial_Code_UCC _Contacts_vs_Common_L.aspx UCC SALES CONTRACT This decrease for the sale of amiable-natureds is betwixt Donald, an LLC organized beneath the laws of the State of CA, the “Buyer, and Tome Jones, a uncompounded resident, organized beneath the laws of the State of Deliah, the “Seller ”. They each avow that they are merchants negotiation in various types of bicycles and non-motorized scooters. The alloties benefit as follows: 1. The Seller shall vend to the Buyer and the Buyer shall donation from the Seller the works set forth on Exhibit A in the quantities and at the costs recognized in Exhibit A. 2. True differently recognized in Exhibit A, cancelment for the work is due behind a boundin 30 days of the epoch of the Seller’s invoice, which epoch gain not be anteriorly the epoch of the Seller’s bestowal of the Goods 3. The Seller shall liberate the work to the Buyer’s readiness in Pussycat Alley, City of Deliah, and distinction to and lavish of missing of the work gain by to the Buyer upon such bestowal by the Seller. Any recognized bestowal epochs are border. The Seller gain not be stingy for any missinges, impairments, penalties, or costs for need to converge any bestowal epoch. 4. The Seller disclaims all warranties of sort, whether specific or involved, including the warranties of merchantability and kinsman for alloticular end. The Buyer avows that it has not been quantitative by any statements or representations of any idiosyncratic behind a bound reference to the sort or qualification of the work and that no such statements or representations own been made. The Buyer avows that it has relied uncompoundedly on the investigations, examinations, and inspections as the Buyer has selected to reach upon bestowal and that the Seller has afforded the Buyer the occasion for unmeasured and finished investigations, examinations, and neglects. 5. The Seller gain not be stingy for any unrelated, appropriate, coherent, or castigatory impairments (including lost profits) arising out of or regarding to this benefitment or the transactions it contemplates whether for rupture of decrease, tort, negligence, or other conceive of operation and irrespective of whether the Seller has been advised of the possibility of any such impairment. In no adventure gain the Seller’s obligation surpass the cost the Buyer paid to the Seller for the specific work benefitd by the Seller giving melt to the arrogation or producer of operation. 6. No operation arising out of or regarding to this benefitment or the transactions it contemplates may be commenced counter the Seller past than 12 months behind the basis for such arrogation could reasonably own been discovered. 7. The Buyer hereby allots to the Seller a carelessness cause in the work sold to the Buyer beneath this benefitment and any proceeds therefrom (including accounts receivable), until cancelment in unmeasured for the work has been assent-tod by the Seller. The Buyer shall memorial and liberate to the Seller any instrument to mature this carelessness cause that the Seller argueably requests. 8. (a) The laws of the CA shall direct all subjects arising out of or regarding to this benefitment and the transactions it contemplates, including, externally delayholding, its exposition, invention, validity, accomplishment (including the details of accomplishment), and enforcement. (b) A alloty conveying a juridical operation or procedure counter the other alloty arising out of or regarding to this benefitment or the transactions it contemplates must convey the juridical operation or procedure in any seek of the CA. Each alloty to this benefitment acquiesces to the odious legalization of the courts of the State of CA. 9. The Seller gain not be stingy for retrogressions in accomplishment or for non-accomplishment due to unforeseen term or producers over the Seller’s grave govern. 10. The Buyer may not allot-to any of its equitables beneath this benefitment or commission any accomplishment beneath this benefitment, exclude behind a bound the anterior written acquiesce of the Seller. Any purported allot-toment of equitables or custody of accomplishment in deflection of this exception is invalid. 11. In any adversarial procedures betwixt the alloties arising out of this benefitment or the transactions it contemplates, the predominant alloty gain be entitled to recneutralize from the other alloty, in union to any other mitigation awarded, all costs that the predominant alloty incurs, including juridical fees and costs. 12. This benefitment appoints the solid benefitment betwixt the alloties behind a bound reference to the material subject of this benefitment and supersedes all other benefitments, whether written or traditional, betwixt the alloties. 13. No chastisement to this benefitment gain be cogent true it is in adaptation and authorized by twain parties. 14. This benefitment gain behove cogent when twain alloties own authorized it. The epoch this conformity is authorized by the developed alloty to memorial it (as implied by the epoch associated behind a bound that party’s memorialature) gain be deemed the epoch of this benefitment. 15. This benefitment may be authorized in one or past counterparts, which concomitantly gain conceive a single benefitment. This benefitment may be si ...
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