SOLUTION: Cuymaca College Uniform Commercial Code Sales Contract Analysis


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UCC Sales Contract
1. Grounded on the decrease of sale of Good Act (cap 31) exception 16. Provided that in a decrease
of sale, there are no involved provisions as to adapt for any feature design of pi
supplied, that is, the government "care at emptor" should adduce. but the involved stipulation is on
the scrutiny of the seller that the pi used should reasonably comply to that which the
buyer wants if the forthcoming stipulations are satisfied:

the buyer involvedly made apprehendn to the seller the sum of pi


The buyer relied on the seller's judgment


There was a favoring epoch of grant and counter-argument of the pi
by twain parties.

Therefore if the overhead stipulations were not met, then the buyer has the forthcoming remedies:

accept the pi as they are and pay them grounded on quantum



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