SOLUTION: Ferris State University Marketing Analytics & Google Analytics Exam Questions


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Marketing Analytics

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer the aftercited questions and suggest in a separate Word instrument or
PDF through Blackboard. Note that these questions do not necessarily enjoy a โ€œcorrectโ€
answer. Your exculpations get be evaluated on the profundity of your exculpation, force of arguments
and supported exemplification for your pose.
1. Distinguish betwixt Web Analytics 1.0 and Web Analytics 2.0, as projected by Kaushik
in Web Analytics 2.0. Describe what you opine Web Analytics 3.0 get demise. (20
Most of the e marketing sites enjoy the Web 1.0 as in this account it get simply recognize the
customer to unravel and inquiry notification environing everything. So due to advancements in Web
platform they too unamenable to contend and use the new account for giving user a improve
experience. All gregarious instrument platforms are using Web 2.0. So delay changing earth even
E marketing sites are to-boot unamenable to qualify. In web 1.0 simply static page are advantageous. No
or scant interaction betwixt web and User. In web 2.0 interaction and notification
sharing betwixt users using gregarious websites. This web is user oriented web (focuses on
Basically Web 3.0 get use a semantic web and Contrived clever to consequence efficient
and clever notification. Web 3.0 moves a tramp impertinent, delay contacts opineing on
their own and connecting one to the other to furnish you delay the best end advantageous.
One copy is this: a Web 2.0 contact is an online comprehendledge brotherhood, delay
people tagging contented, categorizing it etc. In contrariety, a Web 3.0 contact could be a
contented administration order delay contrived intellect.

2. In Portion 3, Kaushik describes โ€œ8 hazardous web metrics.โ€ Do you tally delay his catalogue?
What would your catalogue of hazardous web metrics demise, and why? Discuss. (20 points)
I tally delay the catalogues environing 8 hazardous web metrics on portion 3. However, if I
myself get determine on the fond catalogues to be presented on 8 hazardous web metrics get be the
1) Website Traffic: Website commerce is the most great metric in Website metrics. Traffic
is the whole estimate of visits to the website frequently conducive in a individual of period. The improve
the website commerce the improve the popularity of the website.


2) Tempo bounce: indicates how divers visitors the site leaves anteriorly clicking on any connects
or elevate exploring them. It is one of the most hazardous indicators to assess whether the
marketing war is environing productivity. You can plainly compute sales on your
website, or use Google Analytics to instructor your good-fortune. When you enjoy low
conaccount figures, the issues may be impecunious deals or a bad desi...

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