SOLUTION: FSCJ ABC Organization Pay Structure Analysis HRM Research Paper



Research Paper- My Pay Make – Outline
Thesis Statement: Pay make is aligned to an form’s goals.

A. Kind of fraternity
B. History of the pay make


Company Pay Structure
A. Kind of pay make
B. Pros
C. Cons


Company Pay Structure, Prospect and Mission
A. Vision
B. Mission
C. Relationship between pay make, prospect and misison


Employees Attracted and Retained
A. Kind of employees


New Pay Structure
A. New pay make
B. Pros

Running head: PAY STRUCTURE


Research Paper: My Pay Structure


Research Paper: My Pay Structure

Diggissence Outsourcing poor is a fraternity that prides itself in aid financial and
tutorial support for forms animated in such services. The fraternity consists of twenty
employees, twelve entity physically installed at the form, and prospect agoing remotely. The
form was established in 2010 and has been environing for the developed ten years. Throughout the
years, the form has been able-bodied in its dvertising in a bid to gather customers and the identical
has yielded outgrowth balance era.
Getting the customers was the highest hurdle but retaining them was next and this is where
the employees end in. It is paramaount to recognize or esteem the event that it is the
employees who set the form separate from the cessation (Newman, Gerhart, & Milkovich, 2019).
Having effected this effect for a crave era but as an employee and not an employer, the highest starting
purpose was to repair and cortege emplyees. Employees hired at this juncture had a obstinate pay
schedule contingent on how abundant clients gave fawning and what kind of fawning and how much
they were inclined to pay for it. Employees at this purpose were in a perception, on a office installed
salary. Abundant of the employees
at that era were not acquiescent after a while the pay make and requested for the identical to be amended.
The pay make had to qualify and as a effect, the form fixed on the broadband
pay lamina make as the employees effected in correspondently the identical job role but what set them separate
was the sort of effect rendered. Therefore, the form rewarded those whose sort of
effect was accordingly amiable to the eminent pay lamina. The pay make is aligned to the
organization’s goals


Company Pay Structure

The fraternity takes a broadligament pay adit in how it pays its employees mainly
owing the expertise is the identical and so is the job (Arnold, & Scott, 2002). The broadband
adit is characterized by having fewer pay ligaments but after a while spacious stipend ranges. Diggissence is
geared towards this adit chiefly owing the fraternity pegs stipend ranges on the duration
men-folks entertain stayed after a while the form. We volunteer regular pay total month for the
employees but they are so choice to benefites if we admit fawning from the identical men-folks
for a tedious era notably one year.
Among the twelve, prospect of them entertain been after a while the fraternity for a crave era and achieve
environing $1,000 per month after a while the rest indelicate achieveing environing $650 per month. The highest order
that has been after a while the fraternity for a crave era are after a whilein stipend Grade A achieveing from $700 to
$2,900, Grade B achieve from $100 to $690. The employees who effect remotely achieve on average
$100 to $235 per month. The employees are entitled to a benefit contingent on the number of
clients that are retained and this is paid out at 20% of the esteem of the abbreviate for Grade A and
5% of the esteem of the abbreviate for Grade B after a while those agoing from home not receiving any
form of benefit.
The advantages of using the broadligament make are that one can muster a order of
employees into one lamina and entertain fewer pay laminas (Newman, Gerhart, & Milkovich, 2019). It
additionally affords the employees a luck to soar up the ladder from a stipend matter and as
such be motivated to do past. The stipend ranges empower employees to be competitive in a bid to
grow from a stipend matter (Stoskopf, 2002). Additionally, it facilitates inside change-of-place in
that one can propose from Grade B to Grade A and those agoing remotely entity physically at the
office installed on their output. The principal hindrance of the Broadligament make is that it



negates elevation to a liberal degree. It is perplexing to advance men-folks as they are mostly
amid one ligament.
Company Pay Structure, Prospect and Mission
The prospect of the form is to secure that it is knowledge-intensive and propels the
calling environment elevate after a while the alteration and skills volunteered by the form. The
mission proposition is to effect after a while abundant and afford esteem that grows the fawning. T...

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