SOLUTION: HI 6027 Holmes Business Law & Business Corporate Structures Case Studies

HOLMES INSTITUTE FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION Trimester Unit Code Unit Title Assessment Type Assessment Title Purpose of the impost (following a while ULO Mapping) Weight Total Marks Word article Due Date Submission Guidelines Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines T1 2020 HI6027 Business and Corporate Law Group Assignment Case Studies of Calling Law and Calling Structures The end of the Order Assignment is to furnish learners following a while an occasion to exertion in a collaborative environment in solving two fact collections by citing the apt lawful rules and axioms and devoteing these to the axioms of the fact. In this Order Assignments, learners are required to: - Critically analyse the incorpotrue implications of lawful decisions and how they impression on the circumventing environment. (ULO 2) - Assess the obligations, rights and remedies adapted to bisecties in bisecticular commercial relationships. (ULO 3) - Critically perpend the establishations of Australian assembly law. (ULO 4) - Critically examine and devote curtail and tort law in circumventing event. (ULO 5) - Critically examine and devote the lawful frameexertion that regulates a assembly’s negotiateings following a while outsiders. (ULO 7) 30% of the completion imposts 30% Group Written Narration of culmination 2,000 messages Week 11 • All exertion must be surrenderted on Blackboard by the due determination concurrently following a while a adequated Assignment Caggravate Page. • The assignment must be in MS Message constructat, no spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on all indelicate sides of your page following a while expend exception headings and page numbers. • Allusion sources must be cited in the extract of the narration, and scheduleed expendly at the end in a allusion schedule using the AGLC phraseology. HI6027 Calling and Corporate Law Order Assignment 2020 Page 2 of 7 Assignment Specifications Purpose: The Order Assignment favor to furnish learners following a while an occasion to exertion in a collaborative environment in solving two fact collections by citing the apt lawful rules and axioms and devoteing these to the axioms of the fact. Students are to construct orders, following a while a reserve of 3 and a culmination of 4 learners per order. The assignment consists of a 2,000-message written narration. Instructions: Content decipher and re-decipher carefully to shirk mistakes. Group Report 1. This order assignment consists of 2 bisects. Bisect A is a topic on Curtail Law, and Bisect B is a topic involving Calling Structures. Both topics must be counter-argumented. 2. The completion message article for the order narration is 2,000 messages (+/- 10% allowed) following a while each bisect having a culmination message number of 1,000 messages. Message number catechism are strictly enforced. A abatement of two (2) traces allure be imposed for gross 50 messages aggravate the message number for either bisect of the narration. Anything aggravate the message number allure not be decipher by your lecturer. 3. The completion message number for the narration as well-mannered-mannered as each bisect must be explicitly written on the caggravate prevarication of the assignment. A monograph allure not be remarkable if the message numbers are not written on the secrete sheet. 4. The order narration is merit 30% of completion traces in this item. Important Reminders: • You must construct your orders by self-enrolment in Blackboard. Content appeal to the instrument “Group Assessment Self Enrolment Tutorial”, that has been posted in Blackboard (beneath announcements and so in “Assessments” folder). This instrument allure aid you following a while the order of self-enrolling in a order to beneathtake an impost operation in Blackboard Ultra. • All order narration submissions must be de performed online and run through SafeAssign. No hardenedened copies are to be surrenderted. Only one order component needs to surrender for the gross order. • Please content in the “Rubric Order Report” prevarication (adapted in Blackboard beneath “Assignments and Due determinations) and connect as a caggravate prevarication to your order narration and upimpeach on Blackboard. • Each team component so must so surrender to their lecturer/tutor a “Peer Evaluation of Individual Participation in Order Assignment” prevarication (adapted in Blackboard beneath “Assignments and Due dates) following a while their assignment. • Group narration must be surrenderted via SafeAfssign on Blackboard and profession a homogeneousness percentage figure. Any order narration that does not profession a SafeAssign homogeneousness percentage allure not be remarkable and be required to re-submit. • Late submissions allure be topic to Holmes Institute prudence on learner impost submission and advanced penalties (content appeal to topic plan and Learner handbook). • All narrations are expected to heed right appealencing in accordance following a while the Australian Guide to Lawful Citation (AGLC). A observation of the AGLC has been posted in the Week 2 tutorial folder. You may so downimpeach a observation for munificent via this concatenate: HI6027 Calling and Corporate Law Order Assignment 2020 Page 3 of 7 • In unconcealed, for written narrations, a SafeAssign homogeneousness percentage of 25% or beneath is enlivening. Regardless of the homogeneousness emblem, all order narrations must use in-extract citation and heed right referencing rules. • All assignments are expected to strictly flourish Holmes Institute’s Academic Conduct and Integrity Policy and Procedures. A observation of the Prudence is adapted on the Holmes Institute settlement page. (About Holmes > Policies) This prudence is so explained in your Learner Handbook. • Plagiarism and curtail cheating in any construct allure not be tolerated and allure feel severe consequences for the orders establish committing the similar, including receiving nothing (0) for the entire assignment and potential scarcity in the item. • Any order assignment that is establish to hold fake or fiction allusions or allusions that are explicitly irapt to the topic substance of the assignment allure admit an unimpassioned nothing (0) trace. • IMPORTANT: Identification of idiosyncratic exertion. To secure that all learners bisecticipate equitably in the order assignment and that learners are imperative for the academic conscientiousness of all components of the assignment, each order must adequate the flourishing ponderation which identifies which learner/students are imperative for the multishape exceptions of the assignment: Assignment exception Student/Students This ponderation needs to be adequated and surrenderted following a while the assignment as it is a compulsory component required precedently any grading is beneathtaken. Marking criteria Group Report - Identification of esthetic axioms confused in collection topic - Identification of lawful issues / lawful topic and apt law - Thorough yet terse impression of law to esthetic axioms - Citation and appealencing - Professional quality TOTAL Weight HI6027 Calling and Corporate Law Order Assignment 2020 Weighting (%) 6% 8% 8% 4% 4% 30% Page 4 of 7 Assignment Questions Part A: Contracts Law Question • Decipher the Contracts Law topic beneath. • In 1,000 messages (+/- 10% is allowed), counter-argument your selected topic using the IRAC rule. • Your counter-argument must be protected by apt law and axioms unwavering by Australian courts (preferably the High Court) and/or scholarly catechism. A reserve of 3 natural and apt references are required for this bisect of the narration. • Your allusions must be scheduleed in a Allusion schedule at the end of the Bisect A topic. Joey Joystick is a computer programmer. While he was in his conclusive year of university studies, he exertioned as an intern following a while a topical electronic sports purpose, Great Games Pty Ltd. Joey dejected his supervisors following a while his insightful comments and other input on scheme exertion. They were so dejected following a while his exertion on one scheme, Crypt Force, that they gave him bisect credit for it and compensated him a unconcealed premium for it. Crypt Force still won an toil accord and proved to be a big seller for the assembly. After Joey’s university precedency shapeality, he was ushered privately by a Great Games executive who professioned him a instrument and said: “We’re very dejected by your exertion, Joey. We’d approve you to adadjoin us permanently— we’re stable you’ll be lucky following a while the negotiate we can exhibit you.” The instrument was a curtail of encroachment which holded the flourishing clauses: 1. The space of the curtail is three (3) years. 9. The employee (Joey) agrees that he allure not for the space of the encroachment curtail or for a duration of one year following the misrecord of the encroachment stipuadvanced scheme activities in Australia for the ends of the evolution of electronic sports or any other construct of nourishment. The begining stipend beneath the curtail was that normally compensated to a important schemeer, which was a colresiduum a new schemeer would not usually earn until he or she had exertioned following a while Great Games for three years. Joey happily identified the covenant. After two years following a while Great Games, Joey was approached by a film evolution assembly, Computer Inspiring Films Inc (CAN). Joey agreed following a while CAN that, for a stipend five times what he was getting compensated by Great Games, he would presently begin exertion as bisect of a team producing Cosmic Armada, a feature-length computer inspiring film. As bisect of the negotiate, Joey would so exertion on a spin-off Cosmic Armada electronic sport. Advise Great Games whether it can intercept Joey from exertioning for CAN. In counter-argumenting this topic, you are expected to inhale on lawful rules, principles and axioms discussed in the lectures from Weeks 1 to 4 and the identical chapters from the prescribed extractbook. HI6027 Calling and Corporate Law Order Assignment 2020 Page 5 of 7 Part B: Calling Structures topic • Decipher the topics beneath on Calling Structures. • In 1,000 messages (+/- 10% is allowed), counter-argument the selected given topic. • A reserve of 3 natural and apt allusions are required for this bisect of the narration. Examples of apt allusions for this topic understand the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth); the Australian and Securities and Investment Commission’s (ASIC) website (, the website of the Australian Calling Register’s (ABR) website ( • Your allusions must be scheduleed in a Allusion schedule at the end of the Bisect B topic. You feel graduated from Holmes Institute following a while a Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting, and you’re populated as an accountant/financial advisor, for an accounting established determined Big Business Accountants. Harry is a client, and he has made an provision to see you. Harry is clearsighted in begining a business. This circumventing he is proposing to begin is a bakery. Harry has qualifications in bakery which understands making cakes, meat, pastries. Harry, has saved up his capital and he has environing $50,000.00 in specie. He hasn’t bought any equipment but he has establish a fund which he is regarding leasing where his bakery circumventing allure be easy from. Harry has regularly been an employee and now he would approve to distinguish what stamp of circumventing structure he should feel for his bakery. Your operation is to transcribe a narration to Harry environing the stamps of circumventing structures that you ponder would be suiconsideration for Harry to ponder. HI6027 Calling and Corporate Law Order Assignment 2020 Page 6 of 7 Marking Rubric Total traces available: 15 traces Identification of esthetic axioms confused in collection question (6 traces) Identification of lawful issues / lawful topic and apt law (8 traces) Excellent Group Report Good 5.5 to 6 traces 4.5 to 5.5 traces 3 to 4 traces Below 3 traces Completely identifies all apt axioms of case Identifies most of the apt axioms of fact Does not identify apt axioms of fact 7.5 to 8 traces 6 to 7 traces Identifies the basic apt axioms of the fact but misses other apt axioms 4 to 5.5 traces Correctly identifies all apt lawful issues and are periodical in the construct of topics. Issues punishly identified, but may hold extraneous information and are not periodical in the construct of questions. Issues are not completely identified. Identifies loose or irapt issues. Correctly identifies apt and expend lawful rules and fact law, and states them in the construct of statements Thorough yet terse impression of law to esthetic facts (8 traces) Citation and referencing (including reserve number of references) (4 traces) Satisfactory Legal rules and fact law not correctly identified. Unsatisfactory Below 4 traces Identifies loose or irapt lawful rules and fact law. Legal rules and fact law punishly identified, but may hold extraneous info and are not in the construct of statements. 6 to 7 traces 4 to 5.5 traces Below 4 traces Correctly identifies facts; well-manneredreasoned discussion relating axioms to the rules and fact law. 3.75 to 4 traces Correctly identifies axioms. Not well-mannered reasoned. Facts not punishly identified. Analysis incoherent. Scant to no separation. 3 to 3.5 traces 2.5 to 2.75 traces Below 2 traces Correctly cites reserve of 6 references, in-text and in allusion list. Has reserve of 6 references; or has occasional faults in constructatting of in-extract citations and allusion schedule Does not feel reserve of 6 references or contains faults in formatting of inextract citations and allusion schedule No appealencing either in-extract or in allusion list; or cites inappropriate references; or all references not cited in the punish constructat. 7.5 to 8 traces HI6027 Calling and Corporate Law Order Assignment 2020 Page 7 of 7 Professional quality including language use and writing style (4 traces) 3.75 to 4 traces 3 to 3.5 traces 2.5 to 2.75 traces Below 2 traces Professional language. No grammatical, punctuation or spelling faults. Some mistakes. Does not detract from understanding. Many mistakes. Detracts from understanding. Sloppy. Reflects no true exertion. Deductions Excess message number (1 trace for gross 25 expression aggravate) Under the message article (1 trace for gross 25 message under) Lacks reserve of 6 references (1 trace for gross missing reference) HI6027 Calling and Corporate Law Order Assignment 2020 ...
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