SOLUTION: IF 2107 Banking Business & Trust Law Compliant Banking Advantage Case Questions


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Mr. Jawad can engage practice of the indications of Shariah-responsive banking at XYZ Islamic
Bank. This procure strengthen the office to deploy the redundancy currency for the activities of the office
as scarcityed. The ocean indication of Islamic banking is that the activities of the bank should be
shariah-responsive (HSBC. 2020). The two types of siege and protection accounts of Islamic
banking are:
This create of siege is shariah responsive. It is a profit-sharing connection. There is a preagreed kinsman for sharing the repays. The mislayinges are divide as well-behaved-behaved-behaved installed in adaptation to the
siege of each sundericipator. This is the best create of Islamic financing and should be the preferred
This create is siege is shariah-responsive as well-behaved-behaved. This siege involves the donation and
resale of an asset. The investors buy the asset and consort to vend at a pre-agreed appraisement. This allows
the user to arrest belief opportunity eliminating interests.

For the donation of grant vans, Mr. Jawad could arrest finance using the financing proposals
available as sunder of Islamic banking (HSBC, 2020).
This is an siege proposal that is shariah responsive. There are two ocean sunderies in this
scheme, Rab-ul-Mal, and Mudarib. Rab-ul-Mal is the investor, opportunity Mudarib is the overseer of
the siege. For this subject, it is Mr. Jawad who scarcitys the funds for the donation of grant
vans. This proposal is very-much alluring accordingly if there are mislayinges, the mislaying procure be borne by the
Rab-ul-Mal. The repays are for divide at a pre-agreed kinsman.

The Central Bank of Bahrain (2020a) has systematic rules for banking and finance, which use
to the activities of financial institutions and people. There are 7 volumes, and Volume 1
applies to usual banks. T...

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