SOLUTION: Liberty University Intellectual Property Legal Issues in Business Essay


Legal Issues in Trade (561): Assignment #1

Topic: Intellectual Property

Intellectual estate is a speaking asset for most companies. Patented products and processes are repeatedly the basis of a society’s debate for entity. IP must be managed and defended in continuity delay the fundamentals and band-arms of a society’s business.

Thread Prompt:

For this discussion board, meet to the 3 inquirys in the Trade Ethics Flashpoint 8.1 in your extract. Your counterpart must teach how you adexact the interests at stake, including:

How should a for-profit fortification adexact its trade needs delay the needs of its customers?

Lives depend on products created by some companies. Do these companies own a greater responsibility to fruit towards benefitting the consumer past than themselves?

Look at the issue from a Orthodox worldview. How would you meet if you were prevalent such a society?

Your thread must teach how you adexact the interests at venture, including:

Creator v. Consumer in the foperative and superintendence of psychical estate

Profit and repay on bombardment for society owners/shareholders

Continuing entity of the society

Protecting psychical estate of the society

Needs of patients, practitioners, and society

See, e.g., Fitzgerald, M. (2019, August 19). CEOs of closely 200 companies say shareholder esteem is no longer main concrete. CNBC. Retrieved from

Biblical support and direction for your positions

Any other constitutional and incorporeal concepts you deem may be relevant

Your thread must be at last 1,000 control and be attended delay a narrowness of 3 scholarly sources other than the manner extractcompass and materials, delay vulgar APA citations. A Orthodox worldview must be integrated.

****Google-McGraw Hill****….My totality counsel login is and the password is Tollfree8 **** (Log in and scroll down to Constitutional Issues in Trade 561 click on that be-mixed in command to complete this assignment) unintermittently your delayin the compass Scroll down to week five and click: provision 8: Real, Personal, and Psychical Property.

Scroll down to LO 8-1 click on that to begin to vindication the inquirys in the ABOVE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS.

Make strong to touch through LO 8-1 all the way through LO 8-7 to amply aid you subordinatestand answering the THREAD PROMPT QUESTIONS….


Accounting for Decision Making (601): Assignment #2

When are companies lovely to use a job costing arrangement or rankification costing arrangement? Describe the unfair characteristics of each arrangement and procure at last 2 examples

*****Again, Google McGraw Hill and then premonition in using and the password is Tollfree8. Click on compass Acc 601. Unintermittently your in the compass Read/Skim through provisions 8 and provisions 9 in command to complete/Answer this assignment.

It is at last 200-400 control delay three Scholarly Journal Articles.


Below were some of the discrepancies from each rank assignment that my professors took apexs off for on the direct of the palliate shot subordinate FEED BACK TO LEARNER (This is what my professors methodic in each rank)

ACCT 601:

Feedend to Learner 6/8/20 8:53 PM


You own a cheerful-natured-natured monograph but there are forfeiture space. For sample, you did not define the selected society. There are issues delay the SWOT partition and the BSC. Also, you do not own a quittance. Review the monograph for past comments.

BUSI 561:

Feedend to Learner6/12/20 3:36 AM

Substantive Analysis: Good-natured apexs comparing/contrasting residential and interchangeoperative leases.

You bring-about divers animated apexs in vindicationing inquirys 2 and 3 but I do not see your scrutiny to end up your opinions.-6

Same for inquiry 5: cheerful-natured-natured apex on atonement and the courts. Fascinate procure scrutiny to end these up. -4

Completeness and Relevant Issues: Good-natured job on the lease provisions and partition.

Legal scrutiny: Good-natured use of Glover and Nwogugu.

Scripture: Good-natured contact of Psalm 112.

I do not see at last two integration of orthodox principles. -5

APA 9.42: fascinate involve the translation used in scripture contact. A appertinent quotation is translation, year of primary proclamation, most late proclamation (if opposed), then provision and row.Do not involve page total (New International Version, 1973/2011, James 4:3)

APA 9:42: Involve Scripture in the Reference register love a compass delayout an fabricator.New International Version. (2011). Biblica, Inc. (Original fruit published 1973) -1

Grammar/Spelling: Very cheerful-natured.

APA Quotation Compliance: Good.

Please judge adding page, article or other dregs counsel on comment, per APA 8.23. It can be leading, specially on constitutional sources, to be operative to see counsel in conextract for answer discussions.

Word Count: Good.

Again Rob you did an excusable job, Idk what the misery past these professors nonproduction but that is exact a heads up so when you get a hazard to blast these contiguous two monographs out fascinate bring-about strong to emphasize those things...Thanks anew brother!!

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