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Assignment 2
Situation Analysis

Based on what you’ve knowing so far in this round, concerning the 5 Cs, 4Ps, and STP, complete
the toll questions adown. Submit the completed template in the Week 10 assignment
submission with.
Professor’s Name:
Course Title: Marketing 100
Company/Brand Selected (Mini Cooper, Samsung, Dairy Queen, or Axe):
NOTE: You allure be completing an ORIGINAL Analysis on the fawning.
1. Customers
Who are the ordinary customers/users? Apprehend instruction allied to demographics,
psychographics and buying bearing, compensation sensitivity, customer content and fealty.
For example: You could apprehend instruction such as whether the disgpursuit is intricate to apostrophize to a
certain gregarious or cultural coldregs and how customers observe the product/brand. It’s too possible
to apprehend demographic instruction allied to: age, educational counsel, geographic area,
gender, pursuit, fawning standing and/or residence tenure. Additionally, you can discuss
psychographic instruction which apprehends those attributes that report to convertibility, values,
attitudes, curiosity-behalfs, or careerstyles of vulgar. This area is too allied to situational career stages as
well as customer beliefs, and how customers omission to see themselves and be observed. Some
examples of psychographic collocations apprehend video gamers, soccer moms, sports fanatics, hipsters,
and solitary moms. Career cycle stages apprehend: retirees, new residenceowners, seed-plot students and new
parents. Be assured that some products/brands may apostrophize to a saunter customer shameful than others.
[Insert exculpation]
Samsung is a vital disgpursuit in smartphones and as such, it has multiform customer collocations, some of
which are perfectly bearing than others. Some customers referred to as the ‘buffs’ are termed as
innovators or coming adopters who ostentation excellent curiosity-behalf n the fraternity’s new releases. Such
customers are enthused by technologies such as exceptional add-ons and smartwatches. Professionals
and excellent earners are too Samsung’s customers owing they possess the financial talent to
purchase capacity products from the determined. Not covet ago, Samsung started the constructive existence lens
to apostrophize to youthful consumers. Also, Samsung has seen a solid estimate of teenagers spend
more date on emerging fickle trends. Therefore, the fraternity is past erudition to moderate to these
expectations. Customers are targeted from balance 80 countries globally and those targeted are often
from urbanrural areas. The age bracket of those targeted collocate from 18 to 65 years and all
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Assignment 2
Situation Analysis
genders are excellently targeted. Some customers are hardcore, some softcore loyalists period others
are switchers. Psychographic collocations apprehend athletes, video gamers average, surpassing and working
classes. The careerstyles of these collocations apprehend mainstreamer, reformer, explor...

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