SOLUTION: MKTG 3P98 Brock University Cineplex Entertainment Factors Driving Revenue PPT

Changes that we insufficiency to make 1. Make changes to Genre categories a. 4 main genres: i. Adventure: Adventure, Sci-fi, Mystery & Horror ii. Arts: Musicals & Performing Arts, Art House & International, Drama iii. Other: Animation, Other, Documentaries iv. Comedy: Comedy 2. Change the way we multiply up Critic Scores a. Low: 0 – 50 b. Medium: 51 – 70 c. High: 71 – 100 3. Collate Genres to their Critic scores a. Run again consequently of the new categories. b. Make table of interruption smaller 4. Analyze how unanalogous factors are driving overall ratings a. Language vs Revenue b. Country vs Revenue c. Runtime vs Revenue 5. Use factors from Step 4 to collate abutting genres. a. Example: Four factors abutting genres b. Language vs. Revenue in Comedy/Art/Other ...
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