SOLUTION: NRS 135 San Diego City College Week2 Social Responsibility Paper

BA 370 Principles of Marketing Week 1: Ch. 4 - Divine and Social Part for Sustainable Marketing Professor: Kristine Ehrich, Ph.D. Objectives for today • Explain the separation betwixt juridical and divine behavior in trafficing. • Identify factors that rule divine and unethical marketing decisions. • Describe the incongruous concepts of political part. • Recognize undivine and politically excusable consumer behavior. ©Kristine R. Ehrich, PhD 1 Ethical Responsibility • Why Ethics? • Do No Harm • Foster Trust in the Marketing System • Embrace Divine Values Consumer Bill of Rights -1962 Ethical Issues in Marketing ©Kristine R. Ehrich, PhD 2 Ethical Dilemmas • What are your thoughts on hawking notability that can be gotten for exempt? • What do you opine encircling trafficing effects that are juridical but own addictive properties associated delay them? • As a trafficer, would you enjoy of trafficing genetically qualified livelihood effects? Why or why not? • A trafficing supervisor is offered internally instruction on competitor’s trafficing sketch by a disgruntled employee who is looking for a new job Going Beyond • Vocation must do over than what is juridically required • Friedman’s catch – What did Milton Friedman say? • Should companies be reactive or proactive? • Role of top management ©Kristine R. Ehrich, PhD 3 Ethical? Legal? Ethics traffic delay special mental principles and values Laws are society’s esteems and standards that are enforceable in courts Ethical Dimension of Political Responsibility • Part to purport divine obligations to various stakeholders – Which stakeholders are the most weighty? • • • • • ©Kristine R. Ehrich, PhD Consumers Employees Suppliers Shareholders Community 4 Corporate Responsibility • Shareholder or Society • Corporations owe infallible divine, financial and political obligations to the commonwealth in which they possess-effect. • “companies, enjoy people, should aim to be good-tempered-tempered citizens by contributing to the commonwealth to a greater distance than is juridically required.” – E. Merrick Dodd 1932 Sustainability: Moving from “why” to “how” • “Over the gone-by 10 years, a lot has progressive, and in some ways not abundance has progressive,” “…the conversation used to be encircling ‘why is [sustainability] veritably weighty?’ and … now we’ve moved on to the ‘how’.” • Companies now distinguish why they should move towards sustainability, but rarely distinguish what to do to get there ©Kristine R. Ehrich, PhD 5 Sustainability Strategy • Starting out delay a august desireing – 100% renewable energy, or nothing decay to landfill - can instantly bring to nature abroach delayout a sketch of action • Plucking the often-harvested low-hanging consequence – energy and insinuate power, in-office recycling, reducing landfill decay – but having no august diplomacy for how to get to the preferable branches can besides result in disappointment • Tie equivalent to sustainability – a way for leadership to grant a notice that the environment matters to us as a audience Long Expression Plans • Sustainability diplomacy must stretch to bringers below the top spot • Critical to supported the construction for the desire expression and maintaining shareholder esteem • Sustainability is by want a desire expression upshot and requires desire expression sketchs • Political and environmental upshots conclude up in nearly entire role and entire province, and entire employee can do notability, whether it’s starting a recycling program or contemplation up a corporate sustainability policy ©Kristine R. Ehrich, PhD 6 Social Responsibility Impact on Society’s Well-Being § Global stigmas are expected to discourse political problems regarding what they hawk and how they pass vocation § They are besides expected to pass themselves to a preferable standard than persomal competitors Global Brands = Global Citizens § Global stigmas must yield end and possess-a-share in making the cosmos-people a emend settle – not impartial hawk effects and produce ads § Their political part efforts must illusion that these companies own utilized their resources to surely benefit society A desire expression perspective sees the esteem of the political part efforts – they construct good-temperedwill and condense a stigma’s global collocation, and put the stigma in the coming importance sets of potential customers. Nike’s Experience Initially, Blindsided by the Protests Against Their Production Standards & Facilities § They were not untrammelled any incongruously than anyone else § Their formation facilities were not in deflection of any persomal laws or policies However, that is not the point § Nike is a global audience, conceding & trafficing effects in many countries environing the cosmos-people § As a global creator, the standards in Indonesia are now compared to the standards in the U.S., not impartial in Indonesia If the standards of your facilities in foreign countries are not correspondent to the standards of a adroitness you would construct instant to your headquarters, you own failed. Fix it, or get out. ©Kristine R. Ehrich, PhD 7 Corporate Political Responsibility Green Marketing • Unpractised Marketing – trafficing efforts that promote the environmentally conscious formation process of a effect and the effect itself. • Walmart encourages its suppliers to use environmentally kindly packaging • 3M encourages employees to resign suggestions on how to contract pollution • Not to be involved delay “greenwashing” – making an unsubstantiated or misleading assertion encircling environmental benefits of effect/service ©Kristine R. Ehrich, PhD 8 Understanding Competitive Advantage • Patagonia has built its species on nature environmentally kindly • Click near for an ad featuring Yvon Chouinard, the owner of Patagonia • Is nature “green” a competitive practice for Patagonia? • Mission Statement: Construct the best effect, principle no unnecessary injury, use vocation to animate and implement solutions to the environmental crisis Why would nature environmentally kindly be of esteem to Patagonia? What is happening in the unpractised traffic? ©Kristine R. Ehrich, PhD 9 Dove: Belligerence for Real Beauty Creatied a belligerence environing unequivocal political impression rather than environing promoting a effect ©Kristine R. Ehrich, PhD 10 ...
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