SOLUTION: Saint Marys University Foreign Expert Invitation Letter Business Case Study

TERM ASSIGNMENT You are asked to contribute counterparts to all questions domiciled on the surety scenario contributed beneath. The assignment must be consigned no following than 11:59PM ATLANTIC STANDARD TIME ON FRIDAY, JUNE 19 (matter to qualify) TO SCOTT VIA THE DROPBOX. Assignments assumed after this deadline procure not be notable. Assignments should be disposed in Message createat (or delayhold resource) enfold spaced. Collaboration delay other students is encouraged, but each assignment must, in accordance delay academic cunning, be the student’s ancient toil. Answers should hold ample detail and regard to pass materials. You may produce your own inferences where you indexle it is expedient if the suretys beneath are scant to aid the posture you prefer to follow. Saint Mary’s University jointly runs a dual dispose program delay the Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai. In dispose to do so, Saint Mary’s contributes faculty to edify in China. For the leap cabinet scheduled to run from April 22nd to May 31st, 2019 Saint Mary’s had an indivisible disposed to edify this pass. This peculiar entered into a compress delay SMU which customary in part that the indiconspicuous would edify in China during the entirety of the leap cabinet, but said trifle environing cancellation by either party. At some purpose on or environing recent February, this indiconspicuous advised Saint Mary’s that they would not be serviceserviceable to conclude to Zhuhai. Assume for the purposes of this assignment that the indiconspicuous had been diagnosed delay cancer, and was unserviceable to journey. In or environing forthcoming March Adherent Scott had been offered and had trustworthy a posture as the new edifyor by Saint Mary’s. A compress was entered into that moderate, discurrent other things, clear edifyions that he would scarcity to protect the delayhold Visa that would afford him to journey to Zhuhai. As term was compact (in legitimate stipulations we say that term was of the being) Scott was encouraged to go aface and capacity begins and produce the expedient arrangements in dispose to be in China to set-on-foot classes on April 22. In Canada, the Chinese representation is obligatory for issuing delayhold Visas for journey to China. In dispose to fit the processing of collisions, the representation utilizes an independent fraternity unreserved as the Chinese Visa Processing Centre Limited…this fraternity is a separate entity from the synod and operates at arm’s protraction from the representation. Applications are filled out online, and when finished, the suppliant must sculpture the collision create and attend in peculiar at the offices of the Chinese Visa Processing Centre where they pay a fee and as-well contribute biometric scans that enserviceable the representation to pass their toil. The Chinese Visa Processing Centre essentially pre screens visa collisions to close specimen delay the established firmness parameters. If there are precedentlyindex ostensible products, for illustration an expired passport or things of an negotiative kind, then the Chinese Visa Processing Centre procure hold an collision pending the punishment of the product by the suppliant. The Processing Centre as-well narrates that suppliants who cannot select up their passport in peculiar must contribute a prepaid pre-addressed produce conceal so that the passport holding the Visa can be produceed to the applicant. Scott disposed the online collision create as advised. Given the idea of Visa required, Scott needed a message, unreserved as the Foreign Expert Invitation Message productd by the provincial synod in Guangdong, China. Although this message was not mentioned in the compress, Saint Mary’s represented verbally that they would protect the message for Scott. Saint Mary’s did, in surety protect the message, which was advanced to Scott via email on March 19. Having finishedd the application, and delay the message in index, Scott flew to Ottawa to consymptom the visa collision. Before that ultimately, Scott had capacityed begins from Halifax to Zhuhai that would entertain him arrive in China on April 19 in term to prepare classes on the 22nd. Scott was edifyed to protect cancellation security on all begins. Scott did, in surety, pay for and assume a cunning of security that clforthcoming customary that it would conceal the require of begins cancelled due to medical emergencies or droop, including medical emergencies or droop to contiguous origin members of the insured party. While sitting in the evanition repose preconception his produce begin to Halifax, having gay at the Visa Processing Centre as required Scott assumed a telephone persuade from the Chinese Visa Processing Centre and was told that the representation has already had a face at the Foreign Expert Invitation Letter. Scott was advised that the message would not content accordingly it lacked sure information, and as-well accordingly it scarcityed to be productd by the delayhold synod authorities in the Guangdong Province. The message had actually been productd by the University, in accordance delay elapsed habit This product had not been aggravated for earlier collisions. As a product of this amount, it became impracticable to journey as intentional and Scott advised his journey personation that the begins would scarcity to be cancelled or qualifyd. Further, Scott and officials at Saint Mary’s firm that he should not recapacity any journey until it was unconditionally sure that the new message could be obtained. On April 19, Scott assumed a opposed Foreign Expert Invitation Message and forwarded it to the Chinese Visa Processing Centre. They current reception on April 22 and implied that he should assume praise that the Visa had been processed by April 26. With this new apprehension, Saint Mary’s and Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai amended the set-on-foot determination of the pass to May 6. On April 26, Scott assumed message that his Visa had been processed and his passport had been placed in the contributed pre-paid, pre-addressed conceal and put in the mail. The expected delivery determination was April 29. Unfortunately, on April 29 it was discovered that the passport had been consigned to any entirely opposed harangue, not in Halifax Nova Scotia, but in Mississauga Ontario, 2000 kilometres afar. The harangue label on the conceal that had been purchased from Canada Post had been tampered delay precedently it was sold. When it was placed in the postal system by the Chinese Visa Processing Centre, it had two opposed haranguees, and Canada Post chosen one but they selected the crime one. When contacted by Scott, Canada Post officials advised that uninterruptedly the conceal had been placed in the mailbox of the assumer, it became the receiver’s nature, and Canada Post could not reconceal it accordingly this would institute thieving. They took no once for the conceal, assertion it was the buyer’s amount. Fortunately the passport was located. The indiconspicuous that had the passport said that he would produce it if Scott came to get it at his settlement. When Scott journeyled to the settlement, the gentleman said he would simply produce it if Scott hired a weighty recompense. At pristine Scott decomposed, but the gentleman implied that he would persuade the police and narrate that Scott was trespassing on his property. Scott felt he had no valuable, and so he complied and made the acquittal. When Scott produceed to his public-house delay the passport, the rain set-on-footed to droop heavily. The stone walkway at the face of the public-house was entirely deceptive, and unfortunately Scott prostrate and damaged his shoulder. Public-house staff would follow no once for the defective, stating Scott should entertain been more cautious as it was raining. A symptom on the mole of the public-house implied that the paving stones could beconclude deceptive when wet, and patrons of the public-house were cautioned that the public-house trustworthy no once for injuries. Unfortunately, the public-house concierge had left a luggage cart in face of the symptom such that it was not conspicuous. 1. Establish from the suretys overhead each of the following: a. One Tort b. One Contractual Issue c. One Sale of Goods Act Issue d. One Employment Law Issue In your counterpart, you should clforthcoming establish the product delay unfair regard to pass materials (ie Vicarious Liability, or Promissory Estoppel, or Defamation)** Fully develop your evaluation including identification and discourse of the elements of the issue, and the slight outcomes domiciled on your impost of the products. For illustration, in paragraph one we gather that the ancient adherent was diagnosed delay cancer and was accordingly unserviceable to meaning her compressual obligations. Would you establish this as a breach of compress, or frustration, or a power majeure, or possibly bigwig else? Why do you see the product the way you do? What procure occur domiciled on the evaluation you make? You may not use this product as one of your counterparts. Explain why you prefer a detail product, and haul conclusions using the analytical model from Lesson 1 (see pg 3 in the citation): i) ii) iii) Identify the product Evaluate the product Make conclusions ** these are illustrations simply of the ideas of legitimate products. These ideas may or may not show in the surety scenario. ...
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