SOLUTION: Trine University Corporate of Act & Extraordinary General Meeting Questions



Question 1:
Part a:
Based on the over circumstance, I can say that the Board can offspring shares towards shareholders.
However, the issuing of shares to the shareholders can barely betide uninterruptedly they coincide to hold
shares instead of the granted dividend, which can barely be half or well in-part. This proposition is
installed on the Corporate of Act 200, supply which the substance of the audience can do.
As per the supplys of Corporation Act, 2001, if periodical in the substance of the audience,
Board may offspring shares to the shareholders, barely if they coincide to hold shares in lieu of a
incomplete dividend, either well or part. In this stuff, installed on the beneath supplys propositions
applied in the Corporation Act, 2001, the Board can advance to regulate on the issuing shares in lieu
of dividends:

The shares that are offered to the investors are abandoned after a while the selfselfsimilar conditions and are abandoned
the selfselfsimilar rights as the offers abandoned to all investors of that assort who unquestioned the

The opening is abandoned to assert the shares to all the investors.

The shares offered in lieu of the incomplete dividend are unrestricted to all investors of the
selfsimilar assort and after a while the selfselfsimilar conditions and conditions.

The 56 individuality supplys are collected by the Board

The investors are abandoned equiponderant rights to get partakes in lieu of a dividend, there ought
to be divert upkeep of special means-of-support of referring-to rights or twain.

Part b:
As a concatenation of the circumstance, beneath are the lists of powers that Shareholders in Extraordinary
General Meeting (EGM) achieve possess to employment installed on the Corporation Act, 2001 supplys?
As installed on listed beneath, EGM couldn't urge the Board not to remain after a while the incomplete
share offspring. Be that as it may, revision the substance of the Audience can be made by
investors in EGM.

Major substitute can be endorsed

Liquidation of the organization

Approve an incorporation subordinate area 246

Approve, arrange or divorce the substance of the organization

Question 3:
Part a: In accounting, any skill or audience must recognize what unfailing divestment should
be interposed in the financial proposition. Hence, for the over circumstance scenario, all the materials
divestment should be interposed in the financial proposition as required by ASIC stipulation 6D. Hence,
this would favor the Prospectus’s user’s conclusion. Also, as installed on ASIC Stipulation 6D- RG
228.77, the affair copy and any ris...

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