SOLUTION: UG 090 MCBS Contract Tort and Constitution of Oman Case Study



Running head: A Plight consider on Contract, Tort, and Constitution of Oman

A Plight consider on Contract, Tort, and Constitution of Oman
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A Plight consider Contract, Tort, and Constitution of Oman


Task 1
Question 1
Road media-of-support and constructions in any community are majorly underneathneath communityal or topical
government. Once an garb occurs either by a car or in individual, the sacrifice has a equitable to assess
the origin of the garb and if he/she finds that is due to the inconsiderable thoroughfare, then he can mate to the
court and finish a plight to be consoled which in most instances not that indulgent beorigin the
government is considered by law to accept certain command aggravate being sued in such plights. This
becomes indulgent when a topical government issues a lessen for the media-of-support of the thoroughfares to the
construction companies. When Muscat Municipality verified a lessen delay GoodRoad
Maintenance Assembly for the media-of-support of thoroughfare reckon 3361, it catching its responsibility
to the assembly until when the lessen succeed be terminated or the assembly succeed operative aggravate the
maintained thoroughfare tail to the municipality. During the interval of lessen, this media that in plight of
an garb occurring due to the bad plight of the thoroughfare then the perfect bundle would accept
been carried out by the lessened assembly.
During the media-of-support of the thoroughfare, it was the responsibility of GoodRoad Maintenance
Company to secure that it has alerted the users of the hazards afront for the thoroughfare reckon 3361
until the media-of-support is exhaustive. Though the assembly had produced so by assigning Mr. Ali for the
task of alerting the user, his necessity would accept exacting the assembly to contemplate for an alternative
for users to be alerted on the separate unattended nook. Mr. Ali leaving the ground origind Hemed
to drop in the moiety redundant to the garb of fracturing of his leg as polite as the perdition of his
properties (iPhone and laptop) more retrieve. At this summit, if Hemed would accept been alerted of
the hazard afront, the garb and perdition of the possessions would not accept occurred thus
giving reasons as to why Hemed would accept sued GoodRoads Means-of-support Company.
Determicommunity of wages
With a powerful demand to sue the Company, Hemed would accept apt polite to conclude up secure and
defend the wages accrued to him as a consequence of the garb. He would accept been advised to
determine the loss individually. This would accept accrued the consume of iPhones and laptop.
Hemed w...

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