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Part 1: Content tally the adown in a min of 250 signification. "Operations"For this week's argument, content meet to the forthcoming: How would your NAB affair operation in signal of operations (production, catalogue restrain, division, customer use, inquiry and bud, etc.)?Part 2: Content note on the students argument support adown in a reserve of 150 signification. (Natalie)The operations of affair for Tea Temptations follows: Facilitiy The pliancy is owned and includes the forthcoming owned equipment:-Two (2) Mixer Beverage Satisfaction Machines (mixes up to 200 gallons each) – $28,500 each-Two (2) Accutek AccuSnap Capper Bottling muniments (for capping bottles) - $9,600 each-Three (3) Computers (Apple Macintosh) - $1,200 each-Graphic Software - $750-Four (4) Vehicles (used panel vans) – $10,000 eachThe forthcoming equipment is leased:-Labeling munimentry - $450/month-Printers - $550/monthThe forthcoming equipment achieve be escheatmentd:-Two (2) tea brewing and origin muniments - $5,000-One (1) Tea/Herb arefaction muniment - $1,000-Six (6) industrial shelving units for materials storage - $1,800-Water filtration plan - $3,000 - Character equipment, including desks, chairs, telephones, improve cabinets, and unconcealed character supply - $3,500Most of the pliancy achieve be amenable by formation equipment, but there achieve be three paltry characters – one for the CEO, one for trafficing, and one for sales. Production Process Ingredients achieve be sourced from radical, Fair Trade fruitrs of teas, herbs, spices, and flowers and be delivered to the formation pliancy. The tea achieve be valued, and put into the brewing and origin muniments. From there, the tea achieve be affectd to the beverage satisfaction muniments, where the bottles are sterilized and industrious delay the brewed tea. The bottles achieve then be affectd to the Capper muniment, where each bottle achieve be capped delay a metal, screw-on fashion cap. Next the bottles achieve go through the labeling muniment, where the label containing the aggregation allure, poor components catalogue, and basic aggregation counsel achieve be applied. Finally, the bottles achieve then affect to a thronging area, where exerciseees achieve operative throng the bottles in the cardboard cartons. The odor throngs achieve be industrious delay the value flowers, herbs, and spices by operative by exerciseees, as these achieve not exact as usual rectilineal formation as the brewed tea. While characters achieve be public Monday through Friday, formation achieve follow-settle Wednesday through Sunday to secure unskilled weekday and weekend donation ages. Inventory restrain Current catalogue of bottles, caps, labels, and cartons is for 24,000 units. We achieve escheatment 100,000 biodegradable sealable, living trustworthy wrap fashion throngs for the odor throngs. To influence the unskilledest fruit potential, we achieve exercise the Just-In-Time entrance to catalogue treatment, where we achieve fruit simply what we want to expand contiguous influence. Distribution As we are surrendering proportionately paltry framees, and distributing sparingly in Southern California for the primeval year, we achieve exclusively use the 4 owned vans to multiply the fruit retail to topical cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores. The vans achieve so be used for sampling events. After the primeval year, we achieve realize two more vans in appoint to amplify division penetrate to the Central Coast and faculty of Western Nevada, and influence agreeing donation times. We achieve not multiply internationally. And we achieve not dispose-of fruits online to singular customers. Customer use Tea Temptations uses all spontaneous, radical, poor components and stands following all our fruits. We prproffer a bountiful pay-back if you are morose delay our fruit delayin the “Best By” age. Customers may repay fruits from where they escheatmentd them, or apposition Tea Temptations through our Customer Use tab on our website. Research and Development R&D achieve principally follow settle in-house, delay staff ever character checking each brewed frame preceding to bottling. Treatment achieve influence inquiry via internet, tradeshows, and pertinent conferences in appoint to search out the prominent character radical teas, and odor components, as well-behaved-behaved as strain in to trends in the RTD tea traffic. Tea Temptations so welcomes feedback from customers. Odor options achieve be adjusted according to feedback from customers, seasonal component availability, and depend rates of escheatments.

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