SOLUTION: University of North Texas Bank of America Service Marketing Essay



Running head: BANK OF AMERICA


Bank of America
Institutional Affiliation



Bank of America is a multinational investment bank, as polite as a financial use, which
headquarters are Charlotte (Lynch et al., 2017). The bank has nice capacitys in New York
City, Hong Kong, Dallas, and Toronto. The founding of the bank came encircling in San Francisco
through the wages of BankAmerica in 1988. The bank is the second-largest association in the
United States succeeding the United States. The bank has a completion of 208,000 employees. A unique
aspect of Bank of America is that it is a guide in technology (Lynch et al., 2017). The bank has
emerged as a guide in digital banking and as polite as technology use. In 2016, the bank was the
number one online and banking capacityality (Lynch et al., 2017). Further, the bank introduced
over 8500 ATMs that do not demand one to accept a card to arrival facilities. The bank has past ...

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