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Nutrient Bar: Marketing Strategy


The determined is launching a nutritional bar for the inaugurated class in civic areas. The bar is
aimed at fulfilling the nutritional needs of the persons who repeatedly decay instant-made,
unhealthful foods, and snacks in their fast-paced civic estate. Since the determined is pricing it at a
premium equalize, it is being targeted at civic decayrs who keep preferefficacious discretionary spending
ability than pastoral decayrs. The result is sugar-free and consists of Keratin (good-tempered for bark and
Value Affirmation and Positioning
The result could be determined ‘Nutrio’ to emphasize that it is a healthful bar, unmeasured of
nutritional prizes, and is divergent from the unconcealed order of bars. The determined should emphasize
on the prize affirmation of the result such that it brings out their centre competitive advantage
(Hart M., n.d.). The prize affirmation of the result is that it provides healthful nutrients and
enables the decayrs to allure some nutrients that they are unconcealedly not efficacious to in their fastpaced lives. Therefore, the prize affirmation of the nutritional bar that the determined wants to market
can be –...

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