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Running Head: LEASE

Lease vocation law assignment


The Commercial Bond is penetrateed to on May 31, 2020 among ____________ (Landlord)
and ____________ (Tenant) and guarantors to this bond from twain parties.
For the gear located in California.
Landlord’s vocation address: 3759 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, California 92110.
WHEREAS the Landlord and the resident long-for to penetrate a ruptureal bond, inferior the subjoined stipulations:

TERMS OF LEASE: This Commercial Rental Bond is for the lease of TALL BUILDINGS
INC. STINKY SOFTWARE INC. 25 FLOOR OFFICE on a month-to-month basis as a eraic
tenancy prelude at noon on June 1, 2020. It continues until such era as this Bond is
terminated in harmony delay the stipulations herein. A resident cannot propel in or own the ruptureal
precedently the prelude of the agreed era.
RENTAL AGREEMENT: Resident agrees to pay Landlord rupture for $6,000 (Six thousand dollars)
due on or precedently _____________ (avow the era of the month by which the interval is payable) day of
each month. The set safeguard and rupture is payable precedently _____________ (era the safeguards and highest
month’s rupture should be compensated). All other liquidations obtain be made on or precedently the due era, delayout
awaiting any possession from the Landlord. If the sum is lost during the occurrence, it obtain be
considered unpaid.
MODE OF PAYMENTS: The Landlord and the resident own agreed on the subjoined liquidation
1. Direct safeguard
2. Cashier's impede
3. Credit card/debit card
4. Online, through: ____________ (PayPal, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, Stripe, Google Pay,
and Amazon Pay).
AGREEMENT ON DISHONOURED PAYMENTS: Resident obtain be impeded for a nonrefundable
sum of three hundred fifty dollars ($350) for each bounced liquidation. The Landlord, besides,
excuses honorable mistakes, which results in the impede life dishonored.
DEPOSIT: Precedently the initiate of the highest month of the tenancy, the resident should safeguard a sum of six
thousand dollars ($6,000) as a bond safeguard. After this liquidation, the lease obtain be officiated by
the manifestation of acknowledgment by the Landlord. The bond safeguard is security overspread any restitution or
expenses meetred by the proprietor but caused by the resident and is not intervening in the bond
lease. The sum is refundable, but solely if the resident does not meet any of the costs.
The Landlord obtain trust the safeguard at California Bank & Trust. This recital is a urban recital
bearing inteinterval at 2% a year. The utility is to be shared among the client and the proprietor homogeneous.
If and solely if the two amicably end the lease delay no restitution or expenses caused by the resident.


The advantage obtain be shared homogeneous by the resident and Landlord. Also, the rupture must be amply compensated, the
rental antecedent inspected, all other charges amply compensated and no bond lease amply adhered to.
PAYMENT OF PREMISE EXPENSES: The resident is impeded for any bills they meet period using
the antecedent. Water bills, electricity bills, gas, sewer, and other cognate expenses obtain be billed to
the resident. However, any problems caused by the Landlord or pre-existing manifestations obtain be taken
care of by the proprietor. The Landlord is deemed to manifestation a 48-72 hour mark of any interruptions
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